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which classical text discusses the 6 channel theory?

and what is the primary disease factor?

shang han lun
treaties on cold induced disorders

the primary disease factor is cold (or absence of yang) and how it causes yin-yang disharmony ay various stages


exterior cold diseases refer to?
which organ pair does it enter?

Tai Yang (chills & fever simultaneously)

UB (water amassment - inhibit urination, bc of accumulation of fluid in the lower jiao; connection to Mingmen (yang) to warm the superficial; covers back and neck)

SI (blood amassment, SI relates to the heart, which has a relationship with blood)

usually has to do with Wei, but may overlap with Qi disorders


1/2 interior & exterior refers to?

Shao Yang (alternating chills & fevers)

usually has to do with Qi, but may overlap with Wei disorder


interior excess disease refers to?

Yang Ming (fever with no chills)



Lung & Spleen pathologies refers to?

Tai Yin

usually ying / nutritive level, but may overlap with blood / xue level


Heart & Kidney pathologies refers to?

Shao Yin

usually blood/xue level, but may overlap with yin/nutritive level disease


reverting refers to?

Jue Yin

An elderly patient will suddenly get better, but will pass away soon after the marked improvement


what are the 2 types of Tai Yang Syndromes?

what are the symptoms

1. cold
tai yang excess
wind cold excess

2. wind
tai yang deficiency
wind cold deficiency
wind strike


which herb checks malarial disorders & resolves heat that show alternating chills and fever of malarial disorder?
which disease pattern is this?

Qing Hao Artemisiae annuae Herba

Shaoyang (alternating chills & fever)


which herb clears heat, drains fire, treating yangming stage or qi portion?

Zhi Mu Anemarrhenae Rhizoma


Which herb clears heat & drains fire and is the main herb for yangming stage disease and qi portion?

and what are the 4 bigs of yangming disease?

shi gao

high fever, sweat, thirst, pulse


which herb enters the yangming channel and nourishes & moistens intestines, and is used for constipation in the elderly?

Huo Ma Ren Cannabis Semen

enters LI, ST, SP

LI & ST - yangming


which herb resolves lesser yang stage disorders and reduces fever?

Chai Hu Bupleuri Radix treats shaoyang disorders with alternating chills/fever


which herb induces sweating & release exterior and treats wind-cold exterior excess (taiyang stage) with chills, fever, no sweating, headache, tight, floating pulse?

Ma Huang Ephedrae Herba