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What did Blitzkrieg involve

1 German planes destroy enemy targets on ground

2 Large numbers of tanks smash through defences

3 Enemy troops surrounded, forced to surrender


Definition of Blitzkrieg

German military tactics involving heavy bombing from air + rapid tank movements on ground


How was France defeated?

No fighting in West 'Phoney war'

Maginot Line - protected border w/ Germany

Germans avoided - attacked through hilly area (Ardennes)


Italy enters war

German forces entered Paris

June - France surrendered

Germans occupied north

Allowed French gov to be formed in South (Vichy France)
Led by Marshal Pétain



26th May - 4th June 1940

Operation Dynamo

Thousands of Allied forces rescued off beaches - defending against German invasion

300,000 Allied soldiers rescued

Hitler's mistake in war

Used fishing boats + trawlers - rescue

Restored hope to Allies


Battle of Britain

1. Beginning

2. R.A.F

3. The Blitz

4. Turn of Tides

5. Fall out


1. Beginning

Nazis - defeated France, pushed Brit. out of Dunkirk

Britain alone - Russia + America havent entered yet

Operation Sea Lion - invasion of Brit. by sea

Operation Eagle - aerial bombardment (Luftwaffe)


2. R.A.F

First - destroy RAF (Britain's Royal Air Force)

Aug 1940 - Luftwaffe bombed airfields + aircraft factories

RAF Spitfires + Hurricanes defend


3. The Blitz

Luftwaffe - bombarded Brit. cities (The Blitz)

RAF - defend Brit cities
- Tactics in first 2 wks poor - flew in line formation (Row of Idiots)

Widespread destruction of Brit cities - London, Liverpool, Manchester


4. Turn of tides

Sep 15 1940 - largest attack on Brit.

RAF sustained attacks + defeat Lwaffle on sev. occassions
- Turning point - moral boost

Germany - attention to Russia


5. Fallout

German U-Boats (subs) attacked Brit. ships w/ supplies

Shortages - food, fuel, clothes rationed

May 1941 - Gave up Operation Sealion - Invade Sov. U instead

1944 - V-1 + V-2 rockets - bomb Brit.
- Lots of dmg, little diff to course of war



Case White - German plan to invade Poland

Blitzkrieg - Lightning war

Warsaw heavily bombed
Attacked from East by Societs
Three weeks - Poland defeated