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1) Rebuilding the German military

Ordered secret r armament, left League of Nations
Publicly announce reintroduction of conscription
Increased size of navy + built up airforce (Luftwaffle) - commanded by Herman Goering


2) Occupation of the Rhineland

March 1936 - troops crossed River Rhine, greeted by cheering crowds
Versailles agreement broken, French + British did nothing. Hitler gambled and won
Rome-Berlin Axis


Attitude of the British and French

French thought German army bigger than it was. Would not act without British support
British felt Treaty of Versailles was too harsh


Hitler's aims

Tear up Treaty of Versailles
Unite German speakers outside Germany into a Greater Germany
See birth country become part of Germany
Believed French + British weak and wanted to avoid war


Steps to war

1. Rebuilding German military

2. Occupation of Rhineland

3. Appeasement

4. Austria - Anschluss

5. Sudetenland

6. Munich Conference

7. End of Czechoslovakia

8. Demands on Poland


3. Appeasement

New PM in Britain - Neville Chamberlain

Did not want war - agree to Hitler's demands (appeasement)


4. Austria - Anschluss

Hitler forced Austrian Chancellor Kurt von Schuschnigg to bring leading Austrian Nazis into gov.

German troops 'invited in'


5. Sudetenland

Lack of reaction - Hitler took more risks

Sudetenland - German-speaking region of Czechoslovakia

Excuse - demands of Sudeten Germans to bring Ger. control

Fears of German attack on Czechoslovakia grew


6. Munich Conference

Neville Chamberlain tried to stop war w/ diplomacy

Mussolini proposed conference of Brit, Fran, Italy, Ger.

Czechoslovakia not invited + Russia

29 Sep 1938 - agreed to hand over Sudetenland

War prevented


7. End of Czechoslovakia

Hitler sent troops into Czech lands

Brit. public opinion outraged

Chamberlain abandoned appeasement - Brit support Poland if attacked


8. Demands on Poland

Germans resented losing land to Poland at WWI end

Hitler demanded return on Danzig (German-speaking town)

Poles refused


9. Hitler and Stalin

Stalin believed Western Allies encouraging Hitler to attack Sov. U.

Hitler offered Stalin Alliance

Wanted Soviet neutrality

Nazi-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact


10. War

1 Sep 1939 - German troops attacked Poland

Brit + France declared war on 3 Sep