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Ch 1 Quiz
Which type of anatomy listed belo...,
Which specialty of physiology wou...,
Anatomy is to __ as physiology is...
26  cards
ch 4 quiz
Which of the following is not a c...,
The epithelia that line the body ...,
A gland that has no ducts and sec...
26  cards
ch 5 quiz
What is the usual length of time ...,
What accounts for the ability of ...,
Which of these statements would b...
26  cards
Test 1 terms
Organ systems
14  cards
Test 1 Ch 1
39  cards
Test 1 ch 4
What are the 4 tissue types,
4 functions of epithelial tissue,
Gap junctions
10  cards
Lab 1 epithelial tissue
Slide 1 description,
Simple squamous function,
Simple squamous location
40  cards
Lab 1 connective tissue
Slide 22,
Slide 23 labels,
Slide 24
49  cards
chapter 6 quiz
Which of these bones is classifie...,
In a sample of bone if the lamell...,
In osseous tissue which character...
26  cards
Ch 7 quiz
In which bone is the obturator fo...,
Which bone contains the depressio...,
Which suture is not paired with t...
26  cards
ch 8 quiz
The pectoral girdle consists of t...,
Which three bones make up a coxal...,
The only direct articulation of t...
26  cards
ch 9 quiz
How would you classify a suture i...,
In a newborn infant the large bon...,
Which answer below is an example ...
26  cards
Ch 6
Sutural bones,
5 primary functions of skeletal s...,
Irregular bones
6  cards
test 2 ch 6
5 primary functions of the skelet...,
Sutural bones,
Irregular bones
33  cards
test2 ch 7
Frontal bone,
Parietal bone,
Occipital bone
29  cards
test 2 ch 8
18  cards
test 2 ch 9
Function synarthrosis,
Function amphiarthrosis,
Function diarthrosis
51  cards
ch 10 quiz
Which of the following is not a m...,
Which activity would be more like...,
How would a drug that blocks acet...
26  cards
Ch 11 quiz
What does the name flexor carpi r...,
Which facial muscle would you exp...,
Which muscle are you using when y...
26  cards
ch 10 test
List the functions of muscle tissue,
43  cards
Ch 11 test
Muscle fatigue,
Fast fibers,
Slow fibers
30  cards
ch 12 quiz
Which of the following is are cor...,
The two functional divisions of t...,
A unipolar neuron is a _______ th...
36  cards
ch 14 quiz
How would decreased diffusion acr...,
Damage to the lateral geniculate ...,
Why can damage to the medulla obl...
36  cards
chapter 12 test
Afferent division,
Efferent division,
Somatic nervous system
47  cards
ch 14 test
47  cards
chapter 14 test part 2
Hypothalamus mamillary bodies,
Hypothalamus mamillary bodies,
Hypothalamus infundibulum
60  cards
1 the heart is found in which cav...,
2 which plane separates the anter...,
3 what is the superior border of ...
103  cards
final tests
285  cards

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