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Chapter 2 - The Characteristics Of Life
Arrange the following in the corr...,
What is the removal of waste prod...,
What is nutrition
16  cards
Chapter 11: Photosynthesis
What is the balanced equation for...,
What is photosynthesis,
What are 4 benefits of photosynth...
32  cards
Chapter 35: The Endocrine System
What is a gland,
What is an exocrine gland,
What is an endocrine gland
51  cards
Chapter 34: The Senses
What are the five senses and thei...,
What forms a sense organ,
What do sense organs do
45  cards
Chapter 33: The Nervous System
What does the nervous system allo...,
What is a stimulus,
What are the two nervous systems ...
74  cards
Chapter 31: Excretion
Describe plant excretion,
What are the three layers of skin,
There are 3 layers within the epi...
57  cards
Chapter 29: Homeostasis
What is homeostasis,
Give3 examples of homeostasis,
What allows to maintain homeostasis
10  cards
Chapter 40: Vegetative Propagation
What is vegetative propagation,
What are two features of vegetati...,
What are the two types of vegetat...
11  cards
Chapter 39: Sexual Reproduction In Flowering Plants
What is the difference between se...,
What is the male part of the flower,
What are the parts of the stamen
66  cards
Chapter 36 - The Skeleton And Muscles
What controls the skeletal and mu...,
What are the 5 functions of the s...,
How many bones are in an adult body
49  cards
Chapter 32 - Plant Responses
What is a stimulus,
What is a response,
What four structures are needed f...
40  cards
Chapter 22: Protista
Name a protista,
What is the habitat for amoeba,
What is the function of a cell me...
10  cards
Chapter 41 - Human Reproduction
What is the difference between se...,
What are the three main parts of ...,
What is the male gonad
106  cards
Chapter 12 - Respiration
What is external respiration,
What is internal respiration,
What is energy called
42  cards
Chapter 30 - Human Breathing
Name two functions of the nose,
Why is it important for air to be...,
Name two functions of the pharynx
25  cards
Chapter 10 -
What is the active site,
What is the induced fit model,
Describe the mechanism of induced...
19  cards
Chapter 9 - Enzymes
What is a catalyst,
What is an enzyme,
What is a protein
30  cards
Chapter 28 - Human Nutrition
Name the two types of nutrition,
What is digestion,
What are the two types of digestion
38  cards
Chapter 3 - Food
What is nutrition,
3 reasons for nutrition,
What is metabolism
50  cards
Chapter 24 - Transport, Storage And Gas Exchange In Flowering Plants
What is a heterotrophic,
What is an autotrophic,
How is water transported
33  cards
Chapter 13 - Diffusion And Osmosis
What is diffusion,
Give an example of diffusion,
Does diffusion require energy
14  cards
Chapter 14 - Cell Divison
What is cell continuity,
What are chromosomes,
What is chromatin
21  cards
Chapter 23 - Structure Of Flowering Plants
Name for functions of a root,
What is a taproot,
Name the 4 zones in a plant root ...
39  cards
Chapter 8 - Cell Diversity
Define tissue,
Name 3 types of plant tissue,
Name 4 types of animal tissue
16  cards
Chapter 7 - Cell Structure
If a microscope eyepiece is marke...,
Name the two types of microscopes,
What is a compound microscope use...
41  cards
Chapter 25: Blood
What are the four ccomponents of ...,
What is the function of plasma,
What is another word for red bloo...
42  cards
Chapter 26: The Heart and Blood Vessels
What is the purpose of the circul...,
What are the two types of circula...,
Whats the difference between the ...
54  cards
Chapter 27: The Lymphatic System
What is the primary transport system,
What is the secondary transport s...,
Whats the four functions of the l...
15  cards
Chapter 4: Ecology
What is ecogoly,
What is an ecosystem,
What are the five main ecosystems
83  cards
Chapter 5: Higher Level Ecology
What is a distorted pyramid of nu...,
What is an inverted pyramid of nu...,
What are the 4 factors that contr...
30  cards
Chapter 20 - Monera (Bacteria)
What does the cell wall do,
What does cytoplasm do,
What kind of cell is in bacteria
50  cards
Chapter 21: Fungi
What is a hypha,
What is a mycelium,
What are fungi cell walls made of
32  cards
Chapter 37: Human Defence System
What is a pathogen,
What is immunity,
What are the two defence systems ...
47  cards
Chapter 38: Viruses
Describe the structure of a virus,
What are the two types of nucleic...,
What makes a virus living
23  cards

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