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Behavioral Science - Epidemiology / Biostatistics
Cross sectional study,
Case control study,
Cohort study
52  cards
Behavioral Science - Ethics
Respect patient autonomy,
30  cards
Behavioral Science - Development
Apgar score,
Low birth weight,
Early developmental milestones
14  cards
Biochemistry - Molecular
Chromatin structure,
37  cards
Biochemistry - Cellular
Cell cycle phases,
Regulation of cell cycle,
Cell types
22  cards
Biochemistry - Laboratory Techniques
Polymerase chain reaction,
Southern blot,
Northern blot
11  cards
Biochemistry - Genetics
Variable expressivity,
Incomplete penetrance
57  cards
Biochemistry - Nutrition
Vitamins fat soluble,
Vitamins water soluble,
Vitamin a
19  cards
Biochemistry - Metabolism
Metabolism sites,
Enzyme terminology,
Rate determining enzymes of metab...
62  cards
Microbiology - Basic Bacteriology
Bacterial structures,
Cell walls,
Bacterial taxonomy
29  cards
Microbiology - Clinical Bacteriology
Gram positive lab algorithm,
Identification of gram positive c...,
Vs hemolytic bacteria
50  cards
Microbiology - Mycology
Systemic mycoses,
13  cards
Microbiology - Parasitology
Giardia lamblia,
Entamoeba histolytica,
26  cards
Microbiology - Virology (1)
Viral structure,
Viral genetics,
Viral vaccines
40  cards
Microbiology - Virology (2)
Influenza viruses,
Genetic shift antigenic shifts vs...,
Rubella virus
27  cards
Microbiology - Systems
Normal dominant flora,
Bugs causing food poisoning and t...,
Bugs causing bloody diarrhea
38  cards
Microbiology - Antimicrobials (2)
Antifungal therapy,
Amphotericin b,
26  cards
Microbiology - Antimicrobials (1)
Antimicrobial therapy,
Penicillin g v,
Ampicillin amoxicillin aminopenic...
28  cards
Immunology - Lymphoid Structures
Lymph node,
8  cards
Immunology - Lymphocytes
Innate immunity,
Adaptive immunity,
Mhc i vs ii
21  cards
Immunology - Immune Responses
Acute phase reactants,
Complement disorders
50  cards
Immunology - Immunosuppressants
21  cards
Pathology - Inflammation
Intrinsic pathway,
Extrinsic pathway
27  cards
Pathology - Neoplasia
Neoplastic progression,
Neoplastic progression,
P glycoprotein
22  cards
Pharmacology - Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics
Michaelis menten kinetics,
Lineweaver burk plot,
Enzyme inhibition competitive inh...
19  cards
Pharmacology - Autonomic Drugs
Central and peripheral nervous sy...,
Ach receptors,
1 receptor
50  cards
Pharmacology - Toxicities and Side Effects
Specific antidotes treatments for...,
Specific antidotes treatments for...,
Causal agents of drug reactions c...
15  cards
Pharmacology - Miscellaneous
37  cards
Cardiovascular - Embryology and Anatomy
Heart embryology each of these em...,
Heart morphogenesis,
Septation of the chambers atria
15  cards
Cardiovascular - Physiology
Cardiac output mean arterial pres...,
Pulse pressure stroke volume,
48  cards
Cardiovascular - Pathology (1)
Congenital heart diseases right t...,
Persistent truncus arteriosus,
D transposition of great vessels
34  cards
Cardiovascular - Pathology (2)
Dilated cardiomyopathy,
Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy,
Restrictive infiltrative cardiomy...
25  cards
Cardiovascular - Pharmacology
Antihypertensive therapy,
Calcium channel blockers,
21  cards
Endocrine - Embryology and Anatomy
Thyroid development,
Adrenal cortex and medulla,
Adrenal cortex and medulla
7  cards
Endocrine - Physiology
20  cards
Endocrine - Pathology
Cushing syndrome,
Addison disease
34  cards
Endocrine - Pharmacology
Diabetes drugs treatment strategies,
Insulin rapid acting,
Insulin short acting
17  cards
Gastrointestinal - Embryology and Anatomy
Gi embryology,
Gi embryology,
Tracheoesophageal anomalies
30  cards
Gastrointestinal - Physiology
Glucose dependent insulinotropic ...
21  cards
Gastrointestinal - Pathology (1)
Salivary gland tumors,
Esophageal pathologies
38  cards
Gastrointestinal - Pathology (2)
Cirrhosis and portal hypertension,
Serum markers of liver and pancre...,
Reye syndrome
25  cards
Gastrointestinal - Pharmacology
Gi therapy,
H2 blockers,
Proton pump inhibitors
12  cards
Hematology and Oncology - Anatomy
Platelet thrombocyte,
14  cards
Hematology and Oncology - Physiology
Blood groups,
Blood groups,
Coagulation complement and kinin ...
8  cards
Hematology and Oncology - Pathology (1)
Associated pathologies of these p...,
Associated pathologies of these p...,
Heinz bodies
36  cards
Hematology and Oncology - Pathology (2)
Coagulation disorders,
Hemophilia a or b,
Vitamin k deficiency
39  cards
Hematology and Oncology - Pharmacology
Argatroban bivalirudin,
Warfarin coumadin
36  cards
Musculoskeletal, Skin, and Connective Tissue - Anatomy and Physiology
Epidermis layers,
Epithelial cell junctions,
Knee injury
34  cards
Musculoskeletal, Skin, and Connective Tissue - Pathology (1)
Osteopetrosis marble bone disease
33  cards
Musculoskeletal, Skin, and Connective Tissue - Pathology (2)
Scleroderma systemic sclerosis,
Dermatologic macroscopic terms mo...,
Dermatologic macroscopic terms mo...
24  cards
Musculoskeletal, Skin, and Connective Tissue - Pharmacology
Arachidonic acid products,
14  cards
Neurology - Embryology
Neural development,
Regional specification of develop...,
Regional specification of develop...
10  cards
Neurology - Anatomy and Physiology (1)
32  cards
Neurology - Anatomy and Physiology (2)
Cerebral arteries cortical distri...,
Watershed zones,
Regulation of cerebral perfusion
30  cards
Neurology - Anatomy and Physiology (3)
Dorsal column,
Spinothalamic tract,
Lateral corticospinal tract
33  cards
Neurology - Anatomy and Physiology (4)
Cranial nerve nuclei,
Cranial nerve reflexes,
Vagal nuclei
27  cards
Neurology - Pathology
Alzheimer disease,
Pick disease frontotemporal dementia
30  cards
Neurology - Pharmacology
Glaucoma drugs,
Brimonidine 2
45  cards
Psychiatry - Psychology
Classical conditioning,
Operant conditioning,
Transference and countertransference
22  cards
Psychiatry - Pathology (1)
Infant deprivation effects,
Child abuse,
Child neglect
34  cards
Psychiatry - Pathology (2)
Specific phobia,
Generalized anxiety disorder,
Obsessive compulsive disorder
40  cards
Psychiatry - Pharmacology
Preferred drugs for these psychia...,
Preferred drugs for these psychia...,
Cns stimulants
16  cards
Renal - Embryology and Anatomy
Kidney embryology,
Kidney embryology,
Potter sequence syndrome
7  cards
Renal - Physiology
Fluid compartments,
Glomerular filtration barrier,
Renal clearance
38  cards
Renal - Pathology (1)
Casts in urine,
Nomenclature of glomerular disorders,
Glomerular diseases
20  cards
Renal - Pathology (2)
Renal cell carcinoma,
Renal oncocytoma
23  cards
Renal - Pharmacology
Diuretics site of action,
10  cards
Reproductive - Embryology
Important genes of embryogenesis,
Early fetal development,
40  cards
Reproductive - Anatomy
Gonadal drainage,
Female reproductive anatomy,
Infundibulopelvic ligament suspen...
15  cards
Reproductive - Physiology
Tanner stages of sexual development
17  cards
Reproductive - Pathology (1)
Klinefelter syndrome,
Turner syndrome,
Double y males
43  cards
Reproductive - Pathology (2)
Immature teratoma
41  cards
Reproductive - Pharmacology
Control of reproductive hormones,
21  cards
Respiratory - Anatomy and Physiology
Respiratory tree conducting zone,
Respiratory tree respiratory zone,
25  cards
Respiratory - Pathology
Deep venous thrombosis,
Pulmonary emboli
32  cards
Respiratory - Pharmacology
1st generation h1 blockers,
2nd generation h1 blockers,
18  cards
Rapid Review - Classic Presentations (1)
Abdominal pain ascites hepatomegaly,
Achilles tendon xanthoma,
Adrenal hemorrhage hypotension dic
30  cards
Rapid Review - Classic Presentations (2)
Dilated cardiomyopathy edema alco...,
Dog or cat bite resulting in infe...,
Dry eyes dry mouth arthritis
30  cards
Rapid Review - Classic Presentations (3)
Male child recurrent infections n...,
Mucosal bleeding and prolonged bl...,
Muffled heart sounds distended ne...
30  cards
Rapid Review - Classic Presentations (4)
Resting tremor rigidity akinesia ...,
Retinal hemorrhages with pale cen...,
Severe jaundice in neonate
28  cards
Rapid Review - Classic Labs / Findings (1)
Anticentromere antibodies,
Antidesmoglein epithelial antibodies,
Anti glomerular basement membrane...
30  cards
Rapid Review - Classic Labs / Findings (2)
Desquamated epithelium casts in s...,
Disarrayed granulosa cells in eos...,
Dysplastic squamous cervical cell...
30  cards
Rapid Review - Classic Labs / Findings (3)
Lead pipe appearance of colon on ...,
Linear appearance of igg depositi...,
Low serum ceruloplasmin
30  cards
Rapid Review - Classic Labs / Findings (4) + Key Associations (5)
Soap bubble in femur or tibia on ...,
Spikes on basement membrane dome ...,
Stacks of rbcs
29  cards
Rapid Review - Classic / Relevant Treatments (1)
Absence seizures,
Acute gout attack,
Acute promyelocytic leukemia m3
30  cards
Rapid Review - Classic / Relevant Treatments (2)
Diabetes mellitus type 1,
Diabetes mellitus type 2,
Diabetic ketoacidosis
30  cards
Rapid Review - Classic / Relevant Treatments (3)
Osteomalacia rickets,
Patent ductus arteriosus
31  cards
Rapid Review - Key Associations (1)
Actinic solar keratosis,
Acute gastric ulcer associated wi...,
Acute gastric ulcer associated wi...
30  cards
Rapid Review - Key Associations (2)
Congenital conjugated hyperbiliru...,
Constrictive pericarditis,
Coronary artery involved in throm...
30  cards
Rapid Review - Key Associations (3)
Holosystolic murmur,
Hypercoagulability endothelial da...,
Hypertension 2
30  cards
Rapid Review - Key Associations (4)
Osteomyelitis in sickle cell disease,
Osteomyelitis with iv drug use,
Ovarian metastasis from gastric c...
30  cards
Rapid Review - Equation Review (1)
Positive predictive value
31  cards

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