marine biology

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Marine vs oceanographers,
What comes from the sea,
Marine organisms produce
43  cards
Chapter 2
In the southern hemisphere of the...,
Four large basins,
What is the oldest and deepest
80  cards
Chapter 3
All matter is composed of,
Elements naturally occur as,
Atoms can be found
104  cards
Chapter 4 Quiz
What four organic molecules make ...,
Marine organism that needs lipids,
In photosynthesis plants algae an...
71  cards
Chapter 5
Proteins that bind with and good for,
Many spikes extend from coat so f...,
What is made from lysis
32  cards
Chapter 6
Algae are not plants because,
Why do the structures of the thal...,
60  cards
Chapter 7
They are for some portion of life...,
Radial symmetry,
Bilateral symmetry
51  cards
Chapter 8
How many species and how many marine,
How much of the vertebrate specie...,
Agnatha are known as the fish
61  cards
Marine Mammals
Are all species of turtles endang...,
Both designations of endangered a...,
How many species of sea turtles t...
57  cards
Coastal Biology Chapter 8
Non genetic sex determination rel...,
American crocodile,
Adaptations of seabirds
7  cards
Chapter 10
What does ecology effect,
Definition of community,
37  cards
Chapter 10 Ecology
0  cards
Chapter 10- Ecology
The interactions between organism...,
True or false organisms within a ...,
All populations of organisms livi...
8  cards
Tide Pool
The intertidal borders the,
The intertidal zone is exposed du...,
The substrate in an intertidal zo...
49  cards
What is a bar built estuary,
Tectonic estuaries,
27  cards
What phylum are corals in and why,
What is the soft body of the cora...,
What is the advantage of having a...
53  cards

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marine biology

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