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Rhumatologie et traumatologie
Do you get any pain in the joints,
How long have you had the pain,
Is it an acute pain
221  cards
Sensorineural hearing loss,
Unilateral hearing loss
7  cards
0  cards
Phrases Utiles
It s not your fault,
Ex smoker,
Until proven otherwise
5  cards
Terminal dribbling,
56  cards
Do you feel weak,
Do you get tired easily,
Do you feel short of breath at times
124  cards
Maladies infectieuses
Pyrexia of unknown origin,
Do you have a high temperature,
Do you feel hot
158  cards
Système cardiovasculaire 1
Site central,
Tight band across chest,
Left side of chest
127  cards
Do you have a rash,
Where is the rash,
Show me with your hand
135  cards
Système cardiovasculaire 2
Did you injury this leg in the past,
Have you noticed that a simple sc...,
Is there any pain in the leg at rest
134  cards
Système cardiovasculaire 3
Cardiac enzymes,
93  cards
Système respiratoire 1
Do you have a cough,
How long have you had the cough,
Is it a dry cough
145  cards
Système respiratoire 2
Lower respiratory tract infection...,
Community acquired pneumonia
146  cards
Has the child been in recent cont...,
Which disease,
Is there any other member of the ...
137  cards
Relapse into heroin taking,
18  cards
Gynécologie et Obstétrique
How old were you when you started...,
What is the date of your last men...,
Are your periods regular irregular
200  cards
Système Endocrinien / Endocrinologie
Recently have you been excessivel...,
Are you often thirsty,
Are you urinating excessive amounts
182  cards
Do you examen your breasts regularly,
Have you ever felt a lump in one ...,
Do you have any pain
25  cards
Do you feel keyed up,
Are you worrying a lot,
Are you irritable
83  cards
Test pour dépendance d'alcool
How much alcohol do you drink per...,
Do you drink mainly at weekends a...,
Do you ever drink alone
12  cards
What is the year,
What is the season,
What is the date
11  cards
Système nerveux/neurologie
Do you get headaches,
Do you have a headache
263  cards
Nerfs crâniens
Olfactory nerve,
Ophthalmic nerve,
Oculomotor nerve
79  cards
Système digestif/gastro-entérologie
Central abdominal pain,
Does the pain move,
Does the pain move to the back
333  cards
Sytème génito-urinaire/Néphrologie
Where does it hurt show me with y...,
Lower abdomen,
Around the bladder
12  cards

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