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TCM Prep
Which points are good for yang edema,
What is the best formula for pros...,
What is the back shu of the sp
316  cards
Tongue & Pulse
Pale tongue,
Red tongue with coating,
Red tongue no coating
102  cards
8 Extra Meridians Pathology
Pathological manifestations du me...,
Pathological manifestations ren m...,
Pathological manifestations chong...
18  cards
10 Asking Song
Chills fever aversion to cold chills,
Chills fever low grade fever wors...,
Chills fever constant low grade f...
270  cards
Headache Herbs
Taiyang ha,
Yangming ha,
Shaoyang ha
7  cards
8 Extra Meridians Master Points...
Du mai sea of yang supervisor cha...,
Ren mai sea of yin directing vess...,
Chong mai penetrating sea of bloo...
14  cards
Crossing Points/Crossing Meridians
Crossing point st 1,
Crossing point st 4,
Crossing point st 8
27  cards
Empirical Points
Empirical point for epilepsy,
Empirical point for jaundice,
Empirical point for boils
8  cards
Herbal Presciptions 1
St qi disharmony d t cold heat co...,
This formula treats shao yang dis...,
This formula is for excessive hea...
16  cards
Herbal Presciptions 2
Diagnosis of yin def fire is from...,
Heat dryness blocking the movemen...,
Diagnosis of mild constipation d ...
16  cards
Herbal Presciptions 3
Diagnosis for this formula is dam...,
Relatively mild yang ming organ s...,
Diagnosis for this formula is hea...
16  cards
Herbal Presciptions 4
Diagnosis is weakness deficiency ...,
Diagnosis is spleen qi def caused...,
Diagnosis is kidney yang def acco...
16  cards
Herbal Presciptions 5
Diagnosis of restless organ disor...,
Diagnosis of early stage warm feb...,
Diagnosis of early superficial st...
16  cards
Herbal Presciptions 6
Diagnosis of dryness in lungs w i...,
Diagnosis of blood def primarily ...,
Diagnosis of upward disturbance o...
16  cards
Herbal Presciptions 7
Diagnosis of dysfunction of kidne...,
Diagnosis of cold deficiency of c...,
Diagnoses of the following come f...
24  cards
Herbal Presciptions 8
Diagnosis for this formula is hot...,
2diagnosis for this formula inclu...,
Diagnosis for this formula is ski...
16  cards
Herbal Presciptions 9
Diagnosis for this formula is kd ...,
Diagnosis for this formula is liv...,
Diagnosis for this formula is win...
16  cards
Herbal Presciptions 10
Diagnosis for this formula is con...,
Diagnosis for this formula is mil...,
Diagnosis for this formula is hea...
14  cards
The Big Picture
Lower he sea point of the stomach,
Lower he sea point of the large i...,
Lower he sea point of the small i...
31  cards
Herbal Prescriptions T & P
Gu jing wan stabilize the menses ...,
Huang lian e jiao tang coptis and...,
Yue ju wan escape restraint pill ...
83  cards
What is the single most important...,
How long should you wash your hands,
What are autogenous infections
22  cards
Auricular Acupuncture
Points for phantom limb,
Points for headaches,
Points for hyperthyroidism
25  cards
Scalp Acupuncture
Location of motor area line,
Location of sensory area line,
Location of chorea tremor control...
16  cards
Differentiation of Needles
Indications three edged needle,
Manipulation three edged needle,
Precautions three edged needle
12  cards
Electrical Stimulation
High frequency w constant stimula...,
Lower frequency w alternating qui...,
Cautions for e stim pregnancy
9  cards
Acupuncture Treatments
Contrainidcations pregnancy befor...,
Contrainidcations pregnancy after...,
Contrainidcations pregnancy entir...
8  cards
Moxibustion & Cupping
Moxa contraindications cautions,
Cupping contraindications cautions,
Management after treatment moxa a...
32  cards
Western-Brain Anatomy
What is the function of the cerebrum,
What is the function of the cereb...,
What is the function of the thalamus
11  cards
Western-Cranial Nerves
Cranial nerve function cn i olfac...,
Cranial nerve function cn ii opti...,
Cranial nerve function cn iii ocu...
24  cards
Western-D.O. of the Nervous System
Alzheimer s disease,
Alzheimer s disease sx dx,
Parkinson s disease
16  cards
Western-Stages of Wounds of Decubitus Ulcers
Stage one,
Stage two,
Stage three
4  cards
Western-Endocrine System
Anterior pituitary growth hormone gh,
Anterior pituitary prolactin prl,
Anterior pituitary adrenocorticot...
25  cards
Diseases of the Endocrine System
Cushing s syndrome,
Addison s disease,
Grave s disease hyperthyroidism
11  cards
Western-Types of Anemia
Aplastic anemia,
Hemolytic anemia,
Iron deficiency anemia
8  cards
Western-Immune System
Hypersensitivity reaction type 1,
Hypersensitivity reaction type 2,
Hypersensitivity reaction type 3
25  cards
Western-D.O. of the Immune System
Myasthenia gravis,
Multiple sclerosis,
8  cards
Western-Infectious Pathologies
Herpes zoster shingles,
Genital warts
19  cards
21  cards
Western-Spinal D.O.
3  cards
Western-Neurological Signs
12  cards
Psoriatic arthritis,
Lyme s disease
5  cards
Western-Respiratory System
Cheyne stokes respiration,
Biot s respiration
2  cards
Western-Blood Tests
Prostate specific antigen test psa,
Cacinoembryonic antigen cea,
Alanine aminotransferase test ast...
28  cards
Hmg coa inhibitors statins,
Calcium channel blockers dipines,
Benzodiazepines lams pams
15  cards
Foundations: Qi Pathologies
S s of qi deiciency,
S s of qi sinking,
S s of qi stagnation
9  cards
Foundations: Blood Pathologies
Blood deficiency,
Blood stagnation,
Heat in blood
6  cards
Foundations: Body Fluids Pathologies
Edema in the lower body legs and ...,
Causes of non pitting edema,
Pitting edema can be caused by
11  cards
Foundations: Zang Fu Organ Functions
Ht dominates,
Ht governs,
Ht manifest
33  cards
Wen Bing Patterns
Wei wind heat defensive qi level,
Wei summer heat,
Wei damp heat
18  cards
Shang Han Lun (Cold Syndromes) Dx/Tx
Taiyang greater yang channel patt...,
Taiyang greater yang channel patt...,
Taiyang organ patterns diagnosisa...
11  cards
Shan Han Lun (Cold Syndromes) Symptoms
Taiyang greater yang channel patt...,
Taiyang greater yang channel patt...,
Taiyang organ patterns accumulati...
11  cards
Foundations: HT Patterns
Palpitations daytime tiredness so...,
Palpitations cold hands feeling o...,
Cyanosis of lips grey white compl...
11  cards
Foundations: LV Patterns
Feeling of distension bloating of...,
Feeling of distension bloating of...,
Belching hiccups irritability sig...
17  cards
Foundations: KD Patterns
Sob on exertion lbp clear urine d...,
Lbp soreness and weakness weak kn...,
Lower backache feeling cold cold ...
9  cards
Foundations: ST Patterns
Tiredness in mornings weak limbs ...,
Tiredness cold weak limbs pale co...,
Dull or sl burning epigastric pai...
12  cards
Foundations: GB Patterns
Timidity nervousness lack of cour...,
Hypochondriac pain fullness diste...,
Hypochondriac pain fullness diste...
3  cards
Foundations: UB Patterns
Frequent pale and abundant urinat...,
Difficult urination frequent urge...,
Burning on urination difficult ur...
3  cards
Foundations: SI Patterns
Dull abdominal pain alleviated by...,
Abdominal pain uncomfortable feel...,
Low abdominal twisting pain may e...
5  cards
Foundations: LI
Abdominal distension and pain con...,
Dry stools difficult to discharge...,
Constipation w dry stools burning...
8  cards
Foundations: LU
Sl sob weak voice sl cough sponta...,
Dry cough throat mouth skin hoars...,
Dry cough or w scanty sticky sput...
12  cards
Foundations: SP
Poor appetite loose stools tiredn...,
Poor appetite feeling cold loose ...,
Bearing down sensation on abdomen...
7  cards
Foundations: PC
Fever at night delirium mental co...,
Feeling of stuffiness discomfort ...,
Feeling of tightness heat of the ...
6  cards
Foundations: Primary Channels-Pathological Manifestations
Lung hand taiyin meridian,
Large intestine hand yangming mer...,
Stomach foot yangming meridian
12  cards

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