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Taiyang (Greater Yang) Channel Patterns

Chills/fever, sl. sweating, aversion to wind, sl. aversion to cold, pain & stiffness in Taiyang area of head & neck, sneezing

P: superficial or floating (slow-moderate-frail)


Taiyang (Greater Yang) Channel Patterns

Chills/fever, no sweating, aversion to cold, stiff neck/back, HA, sneezing, runny nose w/ white discharge, breathlessness

P: floating/superficial-tight


Taiyang Organ Patterns-Accumulation of Water

Fever, aversion to cold, sl. thirst, vomiting immediately after drinking, urinary difficulty

P: floating-rapid


Taiyang Organ Patterns-Accumulation of Blood

Hypogastric distention, fullness & urgency, blood in urine, mental restlessness

T: reddish-purple w/out coat

P: deep-choppy


Shaoyang (Lesser Yang)

Alternating chills/fever, hypochondriac pain, fullness, bitter taste, dry throat, blurred vision, anorexia, no thirst, irritability, vomiting

T: Thin, white coat or coating on one side (strip)

P: wiry


Yangming (Yang Brightness) Channel Patterns

High fever, profuse sweating, aversion to heat, red face, very thirsty, irritability, delirium

T: red w/ yellow coat

P: surging-rapid


Yangming (Yang Brightness) Organ Patterns

High fever w/ sweating on the limbs (worse in the afternoon), profuse sweating, ab pain & distention, constipation (worse w/ pressure), thirst, dark urine

T: red tongue, dry yellow or black coat, burnt yellow w/ thorns on side

P: deep, excess


Taiyin (Greater Yin)

No appetite or thirst, tiredness, vomiting, diarrhea, ab pain (relieved w/ pressure), feeling cold, no thirst

T: pale tongue w/ white coat or pale w/ sticky white coat

P: weak, slow, deep


Shaoyin (Lesser Yin) Channel Patterns

Aversion to cold, lying curled-up, listlessness w/ desire to sleep, cold limbs, watery diarrhea, clear & profuse urine, no thirst, desire for hot drinks

T: pale tongue, thin, white coat

P: deep-thready or deep-slow-weak


Shaoyin (Lesser Yin) Organ Patterns

Fever, irritability, dry mouth & throat, insomnia, scanty-dark urine, night sweats

T: red w/out coat P: fine-rapid

T: red/deep-red P: rapid, thready


Jueyin (Terminal Yin)

Thirst, vomiting, feeling of stream of air ascending, hot painful sensation in the chest, cold limbs, hungry w/out appetite, diarrhea, roundworms

P: wiry, string-taut

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