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Palpitations (daytime), tiredness, SOB on exertion, spontaneous sweating, pale face, sl depression

T: pale or normal color

P: Empty (if severe: HT position sl overflowing + empty)

HT Qi Def


Palpitations, cold hands, feeling of cold, spontaneous sweating, SOB on exertion, sl feeling of stuffiness/discomfort in HT region, tiredness, bright-pale face

T: pale, sl wet

P: deep-weak (if severe: knotted)

HT Yang Def


Cyanosis of lips, grey-white complexion, cold limbs, profuse sweating, palpitations, SOB, weak + shallow breathing, if severe-coma

T: very pale or bluish-purple, short

P: hidden-minute-knotted

HT Yang Collapse


Palpitations (more in PM), poor memory, insomnia, dream-disturbed sleep (DDS), dizziness, anxiety, propensity to be startled, dull-pale complexion, pale lips

T: pale, thin, sl dry

P: choppy or fine

HT Blood Def


Palpitations, mental restlessness, poor memory, feeling hot + bothered, anxiety, uneasiness/fidgety-ness, insomnia, DDS, tendency to be startled, night sweats, malar flush, 5-palm heat, dry mouth and throat

T: red, no coat, redder tip w/ red points, deep midline crack to tip

P: floating, empty

HT Yin Def


Mental Sx: mental unconsciousness, mental confusion/depression, incoherent speech, slurred speech, aphasia, lethargic stupor, very dull eyes, vomiting of phlegm, rattling sounds in throat

T: swollen w/ thick, sticky coat, midline HT crack

P: slippery

Phlegm Misting the Mind


All mental Sx: mental depression + dullness/confusion/restlessness, agitation, incoherent speech, muttering to self, uncontrolled laughter or crying, manic/rash behavior, shouting, tendency to hit or scold people, insomnia, DDS, thirst, bitter taste, red face, palpitations, feeling of oppression of chest, expectorate phlegm, rattling sounds in throat

T: red, swollen, tip redder + swollen + points, dry yellow, sticky coat, HT crack

P: rapid + full/overflowing + slippery/wiry

Phlegm Fire Harassing the HT


Palpitations, mouth/tongue ulcers, thirst, insomnia, DDS, bitter taste after bad night's sleep, red face, feeling of heat, feeling agitated, mental restlessness, dark urine, blood in urine

T: red, tip redder + swollen + red points, yellow coat, maybe HT crack to the tip

P: full-rapid-overflowing, esp L-front, possibly hasty

HT Fire Blazing


Feeling of distension or oppression of chest, depression, slight feeling of lump in throat, sighing, palpitations, sl SOB, poor appetite, weak + cold limbs, sl purple lips, pale complexion

T: sl pale-purple on sides of chest area

P: empty but very, sl overflowing on L-front

HT Qi Stagnation


Stabbing/pricking pain in the HT region, comes and goes, may radiate to upper back/shoulder, pain worse w/ cold, alleviated by heat, palpitations, SOB + inability to lie down, feeling of oppression in the chest, dislike speaking, sighing, depression, mental restlessness, feeling flustered, feeling of heaviness, expectorate phlegm, cold hands, purple lips/face/nails

T: purple sides (chest area), swollen, sticky yellow coat

P: wiry, choppy or knotted (slippery if phlegm predominate)

HT Vessel Obstructed


Stabbing/pricking pain in the chest, may radiate to inner L arm or shoulder, palpitations, feeling of oppression/constriction of chest

T: purple in entirety or only on sides (chest)

P: choppy, wiry or knotted

HT Blood Stasis

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