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Sl SOB, weak voice, sl cough, spontaneous daytime sweating, tiredness, dislike of speaking, dislike of cold, propensity to catch colds, bright-pale complexion

T: Pale

P: Empty (esp R-front)

LU Qi Def


Dry cough/throat/mouth/skin, hoarse voice and thirst

T: Dry (not red)

P: Empty (esp R-front)

LU Dryness


Dry cough or w/ scanty sticky sputum, dry mouth + throat, ticklish throat, weak-hoarse voice, tiredness, dislike of speaking, thin body or chest, night sweating

T: Normal color, dry w/ no coat or rootless coat in front (LU) area

P: Floating-empty and rapid

LU Yin Def


Aversion to cold, sneezing, fever, occipital HA, body aches, cough, itchy throat, blocked/runny nose w/ clear, watery discharge, sl breathlessness

T: Thin, white coat

P: Floating-tight

WC Invades LU


Aversion to cold, fever, sore throat, HA, body aches, cough, sneezing, blocked/runny nose w/ yellow discharge, sl sweating, sl thirst, swollen tonsils

T: Sl red on sides in front/chest areas

P: Floating-rapid

WH Invades LU


Sudden swelling of face + eyes, gradually spreading to whole body, aversion to wind, fever, cough, sl breathlessness, bright-shiny complexion, scanty pale urination

T: Sticky white coat

P: Floating-slippery

Wind-Water Invades LU


Cough, feeling of heat, thirst, chest ache, sl breathlessness, flaring of the nostrils, red face

T: Red w/ yellow coat

P: Overflowing-rapid

LU Heat


Barking cough w/ expectoration of profuse sticky, yellow/green sputum, phlegm in throat, feeling of heaviness, dizziness, head muzziness + dizziness, chest oppression, SOB, wheezing, feeling of heat, thirst, agitation, insomnia

T: Red, swollen w/ (thick) sticky yellow coat

P: Slippery-rapid

Phlegm-Heat in LU


Dry cough w/ occasional difficult expectoration of scanty sputum, scanty phlegm in throat, dry throat, dizziness, head muzziness + dizziness, chest oppression, SOB, wheezing, pasty white complexion

T: Swollen w/ dry sticky coat

P: Fine-slippery

Dry-Phlegm in LU


Chronic cough in bouts w/ profuse white sticky sputum, easy to expectorate, phlegm in throat, feeling of heaviness, head muzziness and dizziness, chest oppression, SOB, wheezing, pasty-white complexion, dislike lying down, nausea

T: Swollen w/ thick, sticky white coat

P: Slippery or soggy

Damp-Phlegm in LU


Cough w/ expectoration of white, watery sputum, aggravated by cold, phlegm in throat, feeling of chest oppression, feeling cold, cold chest, cold hands, feeling of heaviness, muzziness + dizziness of head, dizziness

T: Swollen + wet w/ sticky white coat

P: Slippery-slow

Cold-Phlegm in LU


Cough w/ expectoration of white watery, frothy/foamy sputum (esp in elderly), cough may be elicited by a scare, vomiting of white, watery, frothy sputum, feeling of chest oppression, breathlessness, splashing sound in chest, feeling of heaviness + muzziness of head, dizziness, feeling of cold

T: Pale w/ thick, sticky white coat

P: Fine-slippery or soggy or wiry

Phlegm-Fluids Obstructing LU

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