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(WEI) Wind Heat Defensive Qi Level

Fever, chills, mild aversion to wind & cold, HA, cough, absence or sl sweating, mild thirst, swelling & pain in the throat, swollen tonsils, runny nose w/ nasal discharge, body aches, sl thirst

T: red on front/sides w/ thin, white tongue coat or thin white coating

P: superficial, rapid


(WEI) Summer Heat

Fever, aversion to cold, sweating, HA, heaviness, uncomfortable feeling in epigastrium, irritability, thirst

T: red front or sides w/ white, sticky coating

P: soggy, rapid


(WEI) Damp Heat

Fever worse in the afternoon, hot body, aversion to cold, swollen glands, HA, heaviness, oppression in epigastrium, sticky taste, thirst but not wanting to drink

T: sticky, white coat

P: soggy


(WEI) Dry Heat

Fever, slight aversion to cold, slight sweating, sore throat, dry skin, dry cough, dry nose, mouth & throat

T: dry w/ thin, white coat

P: floating, rapid


(Qi) Retention of Heat in the Lungs

Asthmatic breathing, cough, chest pain, thick, yellow sputum


(Qi) Lung Heat [Heat in Chest and Diaphragm]

High fever, thirst, SOB, sweating, cough w/ thin, yellow sputum

T: red/ yellow coat

P: slippery, rapid


(Qi) Retention of Heat in Chest and Diaphragm

Mental restlessness, uneasiness


(Qi) Retention of Heat in ST or ST Heat

High fever, dysphoria, thirst w/ preference for cold drinks, profuse sweating, irritability

T: dry, yellow coat or red w/ yellow coat

P: rapid & rolling or superficial, large & forceful or rapid, overflowing


(Qi) Retention of Heat in Intestines or ST Heat

Tidal fever, constipation or fecal impaction w/ watery discharge, burning anus, irritable, delirium, fullness, hardness & ab pain that's worse with pressure

T: dry, yellow or burnt, black coat w/ thorns or thick, yellow, dry

P: deep, forceful of excess type or deep-full-rapid


(Qi) Gallbladder Heat

Alternating hot & cold w/ more heat, bittertaste, thirst, dry throat, hypochondriac pain, nausea, fullness in epigastrium

T: red w/ sticky, yellow coat

P: wiry, rapid


(Qi) Damp Heat in ST/SP

Fever that decreased after sweating but spikes again, heaviness in body & head, oppression in chest and epigastrium, nausea, loose stools

T: red w/ sticky, yellow coat

P: soggy, rapid


(Ying) Heat in the Nutritive Qi Layer

Feverishness of the body (worse at night), dry mouth w/out a strong desire to drink, mental restlessness, insomnia, irritability, delirium, faint erythema & purpura

T: red w/out coat

P: fine, rapid


(Ying) Heat in PC

Fever at night, mental confusion, incoherent speech or aphasia, delirium, hot body, cold hands & feet, macules

T: red w/out coat

P: fine, rapid


(Xue) Excessive Heat Stirring Blood or Heat Victorious Moving Blood

Similar to heat in the ying level, w/ burning heat in the body, mania, delirium, obvious skin rashes, hematemesis, hemoptysis, hematuria, epistaxis, convulsions

T: dark, red w/out coat

P: wiry, rapid


(Xue) Heat Victorious Stirring Wind

High fever, fainting, twitching, convulsions, neck rigidity, opisthotonos, clenching teeth

T: dark, red w/out coat

P: wiry, rapid


(Xue) Empty Heat Agitating the Interior

Low-grade-fever, tremors, twitching, weight loss, malar flush, listlessness

T: dark, red w/out coat

P: dry, fine, rapid


(Xue) Collapse of Yin

Low-grade-fever, night sweats, mental restlessness, dry mouth wanting to sip liquids, five-palm heat, malar flush, emaciation

T: dark, red or dry w/out coat

P: fine, rapid


(Xue) Collapse of Yang

Cold feeling, cold limbs, bright-white complexion, profuse sweating on forehead, listlessness

T: pale, swollen, short

P: hidden, slow, scattered

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