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Indications-Three-Edged Needle

-Promotes the smooth flow of Qi & Blood in meridians, dispel blood stasis & eliminate heat
-Treats blockage of the meridians, blood stasis, excess/heat syndromes, high fever, loss of consciousness, sore throat & local congestion or swelling


Manipulation-Three-Edged Needle

Spot pricking
Clumpy pricking


Precautions-Three-Edged Needle

-Aseptic operation is applied to prevent infections
-For spot pricking, the operation should be slight, superficial & rapid. Bleeding should not be excessive. Avoid injuring the deep large arteries.
-Pricking shall in no case be applied for those w/ weak constitution, pregnant women and those susceptible to bleeding, anemic or hypotensive.


Indications-Cutaneous (Dermal) Needles

-D.O. of the nervous system & skin disease
-HA, dizziness, vertigo, insomnia, GI disease, gynecological disease, skin disease, painful joints & paralysis


Manipulation-Cutaneous (Dermal) Needles

-After routine & local sterilization, hold the handle of needle & tap vertically on the skin surface w/ a flexible movement of the wrist.
-The tapping may be light or heavy.


Precautions-Cutaneous (Dermal) Needles

-The tips of the needles should be even & free from any hooks. On tapping, the tips of the needles should strike the skin at a right angle to the surface to reduce pain.
-Sterilize the needles & the local area to be treated. After heavy tapping, the local skin surface should be cleaned & sterilized to prevent infection.
-Tapping is not allowed to apply to the local trauma & ulcers.
-Acute infections & acute abdominal D.O.


Indications-Intradermal (Embedding) Needles

-Treats some chronic or painful diseases, which need a long time of retention of the needle (HA, ST ache, asthma, insomnia, enuresis, abnormal menstruation, dysmenorrhea, etc.
-Neurasthenia & hypertension


Manipulation-Intradermal (Embedding) Needles

-Grain-like needle applied to points or tender spots on various parts of the body.
-Thumbtack-type needle (ear region)


Precautions-Intradermal (Embedding) Needles

-Length of time needle is implanted depends on the pathological conditions in different seasons. *In the summer, needles are retained for 1-2 days because of excessive sweating which is likely to cause infection.
In the fall or winter, the retaining duration may be longer according to the need in specific cases.
-Try to avoid embedding the intradermal needle at the joints (to prevent pain in motion).
-In infected areas or skin ulcers, do note embed the needle.
-During the embedding period, the area around the needle must be kept clean.


Needle Description-Intradermal (Embedding) Needle

-Thumbtack type: 0.3 cm long w/ a head like a thumbtack.
-Grain-like type: 1 cm long, head like a grain of wheat.


Needle Description-Cutaneous (Dermal) Needle

-Plum Blossom: five, long
-Seven Star: seven, short
-Make sure the tip of needles are not too sharp, but on the same level w/ equal space between them, otherwise pain or bleeding may happen during tapping.


Needle Description-Three-Edged Needle

-Developed from the sharp needle, of the Nine Needles created in ancient times.
-Shaped in a round handle w/ a triangular head & a sharp tip.

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