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Exam 1
Characteristics of skeletal muscl...,
Sarcolemma vs sarcoplasm,
Organelles in muscle fiber used i...
58  cards
Exam 2
How long do olfactory receptors last,
Supporting cells vs receptor cell...,
Where is the olfactory epithelium...
125  cards
APK exam 3
What does diffusion limited mean,
How fast is equilibrium for diffu...,
What is perfusion limited
84  cards
Kinesiology Exam 2
What plane does elevation depress...,
What plane does protraction retra...,
What plane does upward roation do...
127  cards
A&P exam 3
How does lymph flow through the body,
What allows lymph to enter the ly...,
Where are lymph capillaries located
146  cards
Kinesiology Exam 3
4 bones of hip,
What are the 3 bones of pelvic gi...,
Ilium def
113  cards
A&P exam 4
What cells make testosterone,
What hormones regulate spermatoge...,
What cations are found in ecf
97  cards
Lower extremities exam 2
Genu varum aka,
What is genu varum caused by,
Genu valgum aka
264  cards
Lower extremities exam 3- hip
Normal angle of inclination,
Coxa vara def,
Coxa valga
170  cards
lower extremity spine
What history is especially import...,
What muscles contribute to muscle...,
What may cause scoliosis
107  cards
applied anatomy exam 1-hip
Def osteokinematics,
3 types of arthrokinematics,
Concave convex rule with roll glide
96  cards
medical conditions exam 1
What is a pt s job in relation to...,
What type of drug is aspirin,
If a patient says they are having...
227  cards
medical conditions exam 2
Common causes of pud,
S s pud,
What s s of a gi disease can mimi...
215  cards
gross anatomy UE
What pronator muscle usually caus...,
What nerve are interosseus muscle...,
What muscle is the deepest of the...
98  cards
UE anatomy competency
What is the normal mmt scale,
Sulcus sign scale,
What muscle does _____
31  cards
medical conditions exam 3
Rhematoid arthritis,
Contact dermatitis,
What s a sign to differentiate rh...
72  cards
neuroscience exam 1
Multiple sclerosis is associated ...,
What is the role of association f...,
Arcuate fasciculus role
236  cards
gross anatomy spine
What is located in the visceral a...,
What is located in the visceral n...,
What is located in the vertebral ...
211  cards
neuro exam 2
What is the passageway of informa...,
What does temporospatial summatio...,
Def superficial cutaneous sensation
262  cards
cvp cardiac quiz
Jugular venous distension is meas...,
A normal heart sound is described...,
What happens during disatole
170  cards
gross anatomy pelvis, spine, internal organs
1  cards
applied anatomy neurodynamics and posture
1  cards

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