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For all its beauty, intrigue, and potential for discovery, wine has the unfortunate reputation for being, ah, well...somewhat complicated...and intimidating. So we said "screw that!" and wrote a wine guide on everything you need to know to hold your own against any liquor store shelf or wine list.

Meanwhile, is your sommelier making you feel like an idiot? Here are five wine questions you can ask your sommelier to land your table the perfect bottle for the occasion. And if you crave even more wine knowledge, play around with Brainscape’s user-generated and certified wine flashcards.

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For those who are serious about building a career in wine, the mighty Wine & Spirits Education Trust's (WSET) examinations are a super smart investment.

Brainscape has expert-curated flashcard programmes for the WSET 1, WSET, 2, and WSET 3 level qualifications, as well as a ton of advice and study hacks to help you study for these wine exams efficiently and pass first time...with distinction!

And if you're worried about things like what to expect from the WSET 2, or need a little WSET 3 exam practice, we cover all of that and more in our wine guides, so that you can move ahead and use your time as efficiently and intelligently as possible.