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3 main types of OM

OM w effusion (glue ear)
Acute suppurative otitis media
Chronic suppurative otitis media


Otitis media with effusion (glue ear) - cause? leads to? commonly follows?

sterile collection of fluid in middle ear due to pharyngotympanic tube dysfunction

commonly follows URTI, acute suppurative OM


OM w effusion - ass w? main cause of what? usually resolves within?

ass w large adenoids
main cause of hearing loss in children - may cause learning problems
usually within a few weeks


OM w effusion - mgmt
-initially? what are of no benefit? then what?

-reassurance and follow up within 3 months - 50% improve

AB's, antihistamines and decongestants of no benefit

if hearing loss persists - insert grommets


What do grommets do? when do they come out? counselling?

ventilate middle ear
usually extrude spontaneously after 3-12 months - may need reinsertion
swimming OK but avoid diving- keep dry as poss


Acute suppurative otitis media - what is it? 4 presenting points?

bact infection of middle ear
presents with - pain, fever, anorexia, vomiting


Acute suppurative OM - what can form ? leading to? healing time?

pus formation leading to TM bulging leading to rupture with pus leaking into external canal


Acute suppurative OM - mgmt

analgesia, amoxicilin/co-amoxiclav (7days)

myringotomy if failure to resolve or there are complications


Acute suppurative OM - complications?

mastoiditis, labyrinthitis, facial palsy, meningitis, intracranial abscess


Chronic suppurative OM - disease of? what happens?

diseased middle ear mucosa - repeated infection, hyperplasia/hypertrophy, and microabscess formation


Chronic suppurative OM - Sx and signs

little pain, conductive hearing loss, odourless chronic discharge if TM perforation


chronic suppurative OM - may lead to? mgmt?

may lead to intracranial sepsis, cholesteatoma

mgmt- AB's, myringoplasty

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