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the function of the pharynx

transit of air and food
movements of pharyngeal phase of swallowing
modulation of vocal sounds
sensory - taste, reflexes
control eustachian tube opening


Nasopharynx - posterior to? contains?

posterior to nasal cavity
contains adenoids and openings of eustachian tube


Oropharynx - bounded by? (sup+inf) Anterior border is? which fill what?

bounded by border of hard palate superiorly, line of hyoid bone inferiorly

ant border is anterior edge of lingual tonsils - fill posterior 1/3rd of tonugue


Hypopharynx - from where to where?
continuous with?

continuous with oesophagus
from hyoid line to lower border of cricoid cartilage


Functions of larynx

protects lower airway
produces sound
cough mechanism


Sup and Inf margin of larynx

sup - hyoid bone and epiglottis
inf - inferior edge of cricoid cartilage (around C6)


difference between thyroid and cricoid cartilage

cricoid - continuous (signet ring)
thyroid - no posterior cartilage


how are supraglottis glottis and subglottis

supra - from hyoid bone to vocal chords
glottis - true vocal chords
subglottis - below vocal folds to level of cricoid cartialge


Laryngeal nerve - diff between right and left recurrents

right - arises from right vagus and loops around subclavian artery
left - arises from left vagus and loops around arch of aorta

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