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two causes of dilated pupils

CN III plasy
Adie's pupil


What defect characterises dilated pupils

efferent pupillary defect EPD


3 possible causes of CN III palsy

midbrain infarction/tumour
mononeuropathy (DM/atheroma),
aneurysm of posterior communicating artery


What lesions may spare the pupil and why

Medical lesions (diabetic neuropathy) - as fibres travel in part of nerve unsupplied by vasa nervorum


3 features of CN III palsy

eye looks down and out
complete ptosis
fixed dilated pupil ( no constriction in affected eye, but direct and consensual reflex present in unaffected eye)


Adie's pupil - more frequent in? due to? usually?

young women
post-viral denervation of ciliary ganglion
usually unilateral


2 eye features of Adie's
1 feature of Holme-Adies syndrome

constriction is sluggish - may be vermiform movements
dilated often irregular pupil

abnormal tendon reflexes


How to confirm Adie's

very dilute pilocarpine
Rapid contrction of effect pupil and minimal constriction in normal pupil

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