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school refusal - what is it? what might child complain of?

refusing to go school due to overwhelming anxiety disproportionate to stress at school

nausea, headache, unwell confined to weekday term time mornings that clear by midday normally


school refusal may be rational - why?

bullying/educational underachievement


School refusal causes? what about in adolescents especially?

separation anxiety with parents - typically <11y - may be provoked by adverse life events eg family death
anxiety provoked by some aspect of school

adolescents -> depressive or anxiety disorder / intolerance of uncertainty


how to trt separation anxiety

promote separation from parents eg sleepover while arranging early return to school


MGMT of school refusal - initial things?

advise/support parents and school
trt emotional disorder
address bullying/educational difficulties


MGMT - key professionals in mgmt?

teachers, educational psychologist, welfare officers

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