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describe a doctors role for older people

consider all needs and issues
don't only see one part of the person or the disease in isolation
whole person approach even if you are a specialist in a particular aspect of medicine
improve wellbeing and help the person regain function and independence

all efforts should be to returning function at home or a home in the community


what attitudes should we have towards dementia

all people and all health care staff factor dementia into services and understand the needs of patients with dementia


describe delivering improvements for people with LTC

not just about treating illness, but delivering personalised, responsive, holistic care in the contex of how people want to live their lives


how can we meet future health needs of the older population

managing long term conditions
independent living
focus on quality of life and independence
holistic approach
deal with complexity of needs
work with others to meet the needs of individuals in a timely fashion
focus on needs of individuals
balance of specialist and generalist roles
dealing with health care needs is everyone's business


what is hospital at home

aims to help manage acute medical problems at home where appropriate

can be used in about 8% of cases


describe changes to general practice

structural NHS changes
more patients being treated outside of the hospital


what is the palliative care approach

addresses physical, psychological and spiritual needs of patient and families
integral to all clinical practice
comprises focus on quality of life
takes account of carers and patients views
autonomy, choice and open communication

palliative care is needed throughout an illness trajectory


describe difficult conversations

may be better to refer to them as important conversations
open earlier rather than later
watch for cues and take appropriate opportunities