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what is a confidence interval

a range of values where there is a certain probability that the true value lies within the range

can indicate clinical significance


what is a chi squared test

used to examine difference within catergorical values

allows us to determine if the difference between the observed and expected numbers is different


what is a P value

the probability that the observed relationship occurred by chance
an arbitrary cut point is chosen

when the P value is below the cut point we reject the null hypothesis


what is a T test

used to determine whether two means are significantly different from each other
gives a probability that the difference would be found by change if the null hypothesis is true

e.g. the mean score from my experiment is no different from that found in a publication


what is the formula for the T test

t = (smple mean - hypothesized mean )/ SE of sample mean


what is correlation

measures the strength of relationship between two numerical variables

measured by the correlation coefficient (r) which varies between -1 and +1

a significant correlation coefficient is indicated by a P value in a statistical package


what is linear regression

used to predict relationship between independent and dependent variables

must be a linear relationship
an example of a model which estimates the regression coefficient (beta)
this has a confidence interval

P value for coefficient indicates the probability that the slope of the line = 0 (null hypothesis)