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what is a clinical audit

Audits measure current practice against a defined standard to see how well the practice is meeting that standard
only involves the current intervention in use
may analyse existing data or involve questionnaires


describe the process of an audit

a problem is identified
set criteria and standards are defined
the practice is observed and data is collected
the data is analysed and compared to the standard
improvements are recommended


what is a service evaluation

designed to answer questions about the standard and judge the quality of service being delivered

'what standard does this service achieve?'


what is research

designed to create new knowledge and to test or explore hypotheses


what is clinical governance

the system through which NHS organisations are accountable for continuously improving the quality of their services and safeguarding high standards of care

designed to reduce variation between providers


what characteristics determine the need for a REC review

intent of study
treatment service- does it involve new, unproven treatments
allocation- is treatment allocated by protocol