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Windshear definition?

  • Windshear is a change in direction and or speed either in the horizontal or vertical
  • Degrees - Light, Moderate, strong, severe
  • When reporting to ATC; ( define category, then undershoot, overshoot)
  • Undershoot - below the glidepath with a decreasing airspeed
  • Overshoot - above glidepath with an increasing airspeed
  • Below 1000AGL - unacceptable change in your flight path, IAS 15kt, 5 degrees Attitude, 500ft/min ROD change, 1 dot displacement from glideslope, unusual thrust lever position for a significant period of time


What does High intensity Runway Edge Lights mean?

  • Lights spaced 60m apart


What distance does the centreline lighting turn red and white and then red?

  • 900m - red & white
  • 300m - red


When do the runway edge lights turn amber?

  • Last 600m or 1/3 of runway whichever is less


What does "Ceiling" mean?

  • The height above the ground or water of the base of the lowest layer of clouds below 20,000ft covering more than 4/8 of the sky


What is DA, DH, AH, MDA referenced to and based on?

  • DA - Mean Sea Level, based on barometric altimeter
  • MDA - Mean sea level, based on barometric altimeter

  • DH - Threshold Elevation or touchdown zone elevation, based on radio altimeter
  • AH - Threshold elevation or touchdown zone elevation, based on radio altimeter


What are the required documents for flight?

  • Your a DARER if you ride the JR Odd People with black bags
  • Ask Me Questions about Operations Specifications and crew members carrying OM's and Route manuals with Jeppesen charts in them


When do runway edge lights turn yellow?

  • The last 600m from the runway end or 1/3 whichever is less


CAT I Minima?

  • DH not lower than 200ft
  • RVR not less than 550m
  • RVR not available use CMV (800m)


CAT II minima?

  • DH lower than 200ft but not lower than 100ft
  • RVR not less than 300m


CAT IIIA minima?

  • AH and company minima composed of a RVR not less than 175m