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What is Taxi fuel

Engine start- Take-offNot included in estimated weight47lb/min (10min considered)


Burn Off Fuel

Fly TO and land AT Destination Airport from Departure Airport


Contingency Fuel

5% of Burn Off fuel ORThe amount where 15 minutes holding is possible under ISA/ 1500ft condition, whichever is greater.In planning assumed consumed by time A/C lands at destination HOWEVERIn calculating allowable LDG weight fuel is considered not consumed


Alternate Fuel

Fly TO, land AT Alternate Aerodrome after Go-Around at destination(If 2 or more Alternates are used the most distant shall be used for fuel planning)


Reserve Fuel

With (ALTERNATES)- 30 min (Holding at 1,500ft in ISA conditions)Pre Flight (NO ALTERNATES)- 2 hours (Flying at cruising SPD)IN FLIGHT (NO ALTERNATES)- 30 min (Holding at 1,500ft in ISA conditions)VFR- 45 min (Flying at cruising SPD)


Planned Contingency (PCF)

Fuel quantity in which the company specifies the standard for each route considering increased fuel consumption that may be caused by the specified reason on specific route or airport.


Extra Fuel

Extra fuel the Capt & F/Dispatcher consider necessary to meet Company basic policy FROM-ATCWeather at dest, alternate or enrouteFuel loading procOthers



BO-CON-ALT-RES(30min@1,500ft@ISA)-TAX-PCF-EXTCON=5% of BO or 15minUNDER ISA@1500ft





Min FOB During Flight (NO ALTERNATES)

BOCONTRES- 30min@1500ft under ISAEXTRA


Min fuel VFR

BORES- 45min@cruising SPDTAXIEXTRA


RNP Approach Accuracy?

RNAV operation which requires navigation accuracy:+/- 0.3nm on Final APP segment+/- 1nm on all other segment for 95% of total flight timeOM 5-2


CAT I minima?

DH not lower then 200ftRVR not less than 550mOM 5-2


CAT II minima?

DH lower then 200ft but not lower then 100ftRVR not less than 300mOM 5-2


CAT IIIa minima?

AH and company minima composed of RVR not less then 175mOM 5-2


What is MDA, MDH referenced to?

MDA- MSLMDH- Threshold elevation


What is the difference between RNAV & RNP?

RNAV with on-board performance monitoring and alerting is called RNP.


Departure alternate what distance?

Must be nominated when weather at the departure airport is BLW landing minima. -Must be within one hour OEI in still air.


If a take-off Alternate is not available what must the weather conditions be above?

Take-off minima shall be at or above the landing minima of the departure airport.3-S-17


What documents are required by destination countries?

USAF Airports- Route Manual (carried by flight crew)US Airports- On Board Documents in Black BagAll Foreign Airports- AOM(English), Black Bag2-S-4


Documents required by the company?



What has precedence over an RA?

Stall warning, alerts and GPWS alerts have precedence over RA.2-S-9


Critical phase?

Departure phase- Between block out and 5 min after take-off.Arrival Phase- Between signal of about 10 min prior to landing and block in.-Except for EMER communication between company, flighties, crew shall be kept minimal during critical phases such as taxiing, take off, climbing, descending & landing.-Seat belt sign should be on-Flight crew should use headsets-no cockpit seat change BLW 10,000ft2-S-11


What are the restrictions of VFR flight?

-No VFR at night-No VFR at 20,000ft or ABV-No VMC on top operation conducted3-14


Operations at an Airport with no lighting facilities?

-Take off shall be conducted at least 10minutes before sunset-Take off shall not be conducted later than 20 minutes after sunset at all times.-Flight shall not commence to an airport with no lighting facilities unless it can arrive 20 minutes before sunset at the planning stage.-No landing can be conducted after sunset.3-15


Regular Airport?



Can you use QNH in a METAR AUTO?

No, must use from ATC unit.3-S-14


When must the FOB be confirmed and how?



What fuel can be used on the ground and what must be saved?

-After confirmation of FOB the Capt may use a part of extra fuel, PCF, & taxi fuel for APU at his discretion.-Fuel must be at min required (BCAR) however at BLOCK OUT.3-S-23


When should a fuel check be completed in flight?



What is the minimum fuel to land with?

-The cant shall arrange the flight to land with at least 30 minutes holding fuel.3-S-23


Can we operate in Class G airspace?



Self contained navigation?

-Flight is made with inertial navigation system as primary navigation equipment flying over areas where nav aids or landmarks cannot be used for navigation for a distance of 550km (300nm) or more.- 2 x sets required at departure time.4-2


What must the Captain confirm before departure?

1.) Airplane maintenance condition- -Journey & Radio log, -Airplane exterior conditions, -Devices & equipment on boardCapt shall make a signature on "Checked by" column of the journey & radio log after after receiving a briefing from the maintance personal and after confirming his signature on the maintenance released by column.2.) Security Items3.) Documents to be carried in Airplane2-5


Crew Briefing?

1.) Outline of the flight2.) Allocation of emergency equipment3.) Duty Assignment for each crew member in EMER4.) Hi jack measures5.) Duty assignment for each crew member (low crew comp)6.) Radioactive materials (Type, quantity, loading position. Etc)7.) Extent of manoeuvring in case of conducting training & checking8.) Procedure where co pilot manipulates controls9.) Other2-5


What gets checked in the pre-flight security check?



When does the company clearance become effective? And who is responsible for company clearance?



Can the Company clearance be changed and if so how & what?

Can be changed after consulting with each other.1.) Destination Airport2.) Alternate Airport3.) Required FOB4.) Route5.) Altitude (If shown on FLT PLN already cleared so no need perm)6.) Flight RulesCapt May change at his discretion according to the situation during flight. In the case the change seriously affects the fuel planning or flight watch duties, he shall advise flight dispatcher ASAP.3-2


If the Weather conditions are forecast to go BLW landing minima at the DEST when the A/C is in flight what measures need to be taken?

1.) Select additional Alternate OR2.) If conditions are not forecasted to improve, & an additional Alternate cannot be selected, the DEST shall be changed.HOWEVER:Holding is possible until conditions improve at DEST if fuel is sufficient and Alternate WX is at or ABV 1500ft & 5km at ETA or time of diversion3-3


If the Weather conditions are forecast to be BLW the ALTERNATE minima at the time of arrival what measures must the Captain & Flight dispatcher take?

1.) If possible ALTERNATE airport changed. OR2.) If DEST is within 6 hours flight time and WX is:CLG- 2000ft or DH, MDA + 1500ft (whichever is greater)VIS- 5000m or LDG MIN + 3200m (whichever is greater)For at least 1 hour before to 1 hour after ETA.3.) If neither measures can be taken, and alternate cannot be selected without the change of DEST due to fuel & flight time then the DEST shall be changed.3-3, 3-6


When the weather conditions at both the DEST and ALTERNATE are forecast to go BLW minima?

1.) DEST airport shall be changed.2.) It is desirable to select new ALTERNATE for the new DEST.3-3


What action if DEST becomes closed temporarily whilst in flight?



When it is anticipated that the safety of flight will be interfered with by turbulence or CB on the route, or when air navigation facilities are unavailable what should happen?

The route shall be changed.3-3


How long is company clearance valid?

Until termination of the flight.3-3


Checks prior to departure?

1.) All passengers have completed boarding2.) Dangerous goods have been loaded3.) Exterior doors have been locked4.) All obstacles except required for engine start have been removed5.) Seat assignment of passengers is appropriate2-6


Use of Oxygen masks?

-Flight crew shall have oxygen masks ready for immediate use when @ 25,000ft or ABV.-When one pilot leaves there seat @ 25,000ft or ABV the other shall use his oxygen mask.-At least 1 pilot shall use his oxygen mask when operating above an altitude of 41,000ft.


What has precedence over an RA?

Stall warning alerts & GPWS alerts.2-S-9


What items must the Capt submit when returned to Japan from overseas?

-Operational flight plan or Dispatcher release message-Flight plan (copy)2-S-13


Treatment of a TEMPO?

-Shall be regarded as ABV the company minima for planning stage.HOWEVER; Flight shall not be conducted if synthetic analysis of all weather data and information indicate BLW landing minima.3-S-14


Utilising of vertical visibility?




METAR AUTO is not reported to the ATC and is of different quality to a normal METAR therefore:1.) Do not use QNH from METAR AUTO use FM ATC unit/ ATIS2.) Use visibility (except RVR), weather phenomenon, ceiling & amount of cloud as a material of synthetic analysis for reviewing, planning, & preparing flight plan, not for judgement of company minima in flight.METAR AUTO at KADENA (RODN) or YOKOTA (RJTY) are based on both visual and automatic observation and so can be treated as normal METAR.S-3-5


What is Endurance?

The time to fly at cruise altitude.


What are the three passenger configurations?