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What are the engines?

  • GE CF6-80C2B6?


In AUTO when does the standby engine indicator automatically display?

  • AC power is lost or:
  • EICAS failed


Explain EEC minimum IDLE mode

  • Lower thrust
  • Most phases of flight
  • All ground Operations


Explain approach Idle

  • Higher Thrust

Automatically selects when:

  • Anti-ice on or:
  • Flaps at LDG Flap until 5 sec after touchdown



  • Compares commanded N1 to actual N1 and adjusts fuel flow to change engine speed until actual N1 is the same as commanded N1
  • Over speed, Over boost protection when thrust levers fully forward



  • Schedules N1 as a function of thrust lever postion
  • Alternate mode N1 reference/target values are computed by the TMC
  • Alternte mode provides equal or greater thrust for same thrust lever position
  • Thrust protection not provided, overboost can occur, EN LIM PROT displays if trust lever postion commands greater than reference N1
  • N1 & N2 red line proctection still available
  • SOFT
    • When the EEC automatically switches an engine to the alternate mode and the EEC mode switch remains in NORM
    • At a fixed thrust lever position, thrust does not change
  • HARD
    • When ALTN is manually selected on an EEC mode switch, that engine is switched to the hard alternate mode
    • Thrust may change to set the commanded N1 when ALTN is manually selected


What happens when the fuel control switch is moved to cutoff?

  • Spar & Eng valves close


What does the N2 magenta bug indicate?

  • Min N2 to put fuel in (Fuel on bug)


When can an inflight windmill start be used?

  • When there is no x-bleed display above the N2 indicator


What will display if a X BLD start should be initiated in flight?

  • X BLD above N2 and a fuel on bug
  • Displayed when airspeed is lower than that required for a windmill start


What does the Thrust mode selector use?

  • Configuration
  • Engine
  • Operation
  • Conditions


What rotor drives the engine accessory gear box?

  • N2 rotor


When are the secondary Engine indications automatically display?

  • Initially receiving electrical power or:
  • A secondary engine parameter is exceeded


What gauges have a caution range and what happens?

  • Oil temp & Oil press
  • Have caution ranges displayed by Amber bands
  • If reach the range the digital readout, readout boxes and pointer all change colour to Amber.


What gauges have operating Limits?

  • N1, EGT, N2, Oil press & Oil temp have operating limits indicated by red lines
  • If one of these indications reaches the red line the digital readout, box and pointer all change colour to RED


What does EGT guage have?

  • Maximum continuous, indicated by an amber line
  • If reaches this the box, dial & pointer all turn AMBER
  • Inhibited during takeoff and go around for 5 minutes
  • Also has Max takeoff limit indicated by a red line
  • All turns red if reached


What does N1 limit do?

  • Indicated by an Amber line on the dial but does not change colour when max N1 is reached


What is the Derate for Takeoff 1 & 2?

  • Takeoff 1 (300)- 95%. (300ER,F)- 90%Takeoff 2 (300)-85%. (300ER,F)- 80%


When will Derates thrust remain until?

  • ABV 10,000ft Derates thrust gradually changes to reach full CLB thrust by:
  • (300) 12,000ft. The 1 or 2 annunciation disappears from the display by 12,500ft
  • (300ER,F) 30,000ft. The 1 annunciation disappears by 30,500ft The 2 annunciation remains until either flaps are extended or GA


What are the engines covered for by the EEC in normal mode?

  • N1, N2 protection but no EGT protection


EEC Soft mode

  • Auto switches to this mode when switches in NORM
  • Thrust will be fixed and will not change


Hard Alternate mode

  • ALTN is manually selected on the EEC mode switch
  • Reference, target and maximum commanded N1 values are displayed on the N1 indication


What protection is provided in the ALTN modes

  • Thrust protection not provided and maximum rated thrust is reached at a thrust lever position less than full forward. As a result thrust overboost can occur at full forward thrust lever positions
  • N1,N2 redline protection is still available in the ALTN control mode.


What are the two idle speeds and when are they selected

  • Minimum Idle: lower thrust setting used for for ground ops and all stages of flight except approach & landing
  • Approach Idle: selected whenever the higher idle setting is required for proper system operation.EEC AUTOMATICALLY SELECTS IDLE SPEEDS


What is displayed on the EGT during start

Maximum start line limit, displayed until engine is stable


Starter duty cycle

  • Five minutes on, followed by 30 seconds off per minute on


When does the in flight start envelope display on the primary display and what does it indicate?

  • ENG is not running in flight
  • Respective Fire SW not pulled
  • Both EICAS prim & sec are selected
  • Displays closest starting FL and two descending FL's at 2000ft intervals as well as air speed range
  • X-BLD displayed above N2 and fuel on bug displayed if airspeed below windmilling start speed


Auto relight?

  • In air or on ground, automatic relight feature is enabled if N2 drops below idle SPD
  • EEC energizes both ignition systems


When do the Engine and Spar valves open?

When the fuel CONT switch is in the RUN position and the ENG fire SW is in.


Where is fuel flow measured from?

After passing through the engine fuel valve.