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Blood flow toward the heart



What are the 3 sub-systems within venus circulation

portal system of the livervenus sinuses (dural sinuses)azygos system


that deal with venous return of blood from the digestive organs to the liver; only system that starts at capillaries and ends at capillaries

portal system of the liver


rely on the force of gravity by which to bring blood from your head.

venus sinuses (dural sinuses)


group of veins draining blood from thoracic cavity (dorsal body wall)

azygos system


what are the 4 classifications for veins?

1. superficial- close to surface2. deep- furthest from surface3. deep veins which accompany arteries- opposed to those which exist signally 4. Vena comitantes (comites)- paired veins surround and accompany arteries


What are the 4 superficial veins of the upper extremities

basilic veincephalic veinaxillary veinmedian cubital vein


most medial superficial vein of upper extremities; terminates by joining with the vena comitantes

basilic vein


most lateral superficial vein of upper extremities

cephalic vein


located in middle of elbow, vein used to draw blood

median cubital vein


What are the 6 deep veins of the upper extremities

vena comitantes of brachial arteryaxillary veinright subclavian veinright brachiocephalic veinleft brachiocephalic veinSVC or Superior Vena Cava


used as visual to located and raise artery (brachial)

vena comitantes of brachial artery


first single deep vein of each upper extremity with same name as artery it accompanies

axillary vein


accompanies right subclavian artery

right subclavian vein


union of right subclavian and right internal jugular; leads to the superior vena cava

right brachiocephalic vein


longer because it crosses over aortic arch; formed union of left internal jugular and left subclavian veins; leads to the superior vena cava

left brachiocephalic vein


2nd largest vein, formed by union of left and right brachiocephalic veins, drains any blood from head, neck, upper extremities and thoracic cavity

SVC or superior vena cava


what are the 2 superficial veins of the lower extremities

short (small) saphenous veingreat (long) saphenous vein


Most lateral superficial vein of lower extremities; It begins on the lateral side of the dorsal venous network of the feet. It terminates by emptying into the popliteal vein.

short (small) saphenous vein


used as graft for CABG; longest vein the human body runs entire medial aspect of lower extremities by emptying into femoral vein; NEVER use for drainage!

great (long) saphenous vein


What are the 5 deep veins of the lower extremities

femoral veinL/R External iliac veinL/R Internal iliac veinL/R common iliac veinIVC or Inferior vena cava


begins at opening of adductor magnus, used for drainage, carries blood from thigh to heart, moves superiorly (upward)

femoral vein


accompanies artery of same name, unites with internal iliac vein to form common iliac

Left & Right External iliac vein


accompanies artery of same name, drains from right gluteal region. Unites with external iliac to form common iliac

Left & Right Internal iliac vein


forms from uniting of the external and internal iliac veins. Left common is longer than right because it crosses under descending abdominal aorta

Left & Right common iliac vein


formed by union of right and left common iliac veins. Largest vein of human body. Lies laterally and to right of descending aorta. Will drain blood from lower extremities and abdomen. **only used for drainage in non autopsy infant cases.

IVC or Superior Vena Cava


What are the 9 tributaries of the IVC

Lumbar veinsRight Renal VeinLeft Renal VeinLeft gonadal veinInferior phrenic veinHepatic veinsLeft Superenal gland veinRight gonadal veinRight suprarenal vein


4 pairs; 4 on each side; drains blood directly from lower back into IVC

Lumbar veins


drains from the right kidney into the IVC

right renal vein


drains from the left kidney directly into the IVC

left renal vein


drains blood from reproductive gonads. Tributary to left renal vein also.

Left Gonadal vein (testicular/ ovarian)


tributary of left renal vein

Left superenal glad vein


drains directly into the IVC from reproductive glands

right gonadal (testicular/ ovarian)


drains from under surface of diaphragm directly into IVC.

Inferior Phrenic vein


most superior tributary of the IVC; drains from liver directly into the IVC; usually 3

Hepatic veins


What are the 3 veins of the azygos system

azygos veinHemiazygous veinAssessory Hemiazygous vein


drains into SVC; Only vein to drain blood from right side of the thoracic cavity drains only by means of azygos.

Azygos vein


left side, first vein to drain blood from left intercostals spaces 8-12, this drains directly into azygos vein.; single unpaired vein in the body

Hemiazygous vein


first vein to drain blood from intercostals spaces 4-7, empties into hemiazygos vein.

Asseccory Hemiazygous vein


The left intercostal spaces 1-3 typically empty into what?

the left brachiocephalic vein


What are the 6 veins of the skull

Dural venus sinusFacial veinPosterior auricular veinretromandibular veinexternal jugular veininternal jugular vein


*brain tissue itself; all veins that drain blood from all of inside skull – gravity drains or feeds these into the internal jugular vein

Dural venus sinus


first vein to drain blood to those areas fed by facial arteries; cheeks, mouth, eyelids, nose, lips

Facial vein


behind the ear; first to drain blood to those areas fed by posterior auricular arteries and occipital arteries

Posterior auricular vein


named located behind the lower jaw, 1st vein to drain blood from those areas feed by maxillary & superficial temporal arteries; forehead and upper teeth

Retromandibular vein


only drain blood coming from outside the scalp; formed by union of posterior auricular and retromandibular

exterior jugular vein


drainage inside the scalp but is raised for embalming; formed by union of facial vein & retromandibular

internal jugular vein


What are the 4 veins of the portal system

splenic veinsuperior mesenteric veinportal veininferior mesenteric vein


first vein to drain blood from the spleen, stomach, or pancreas

splenic vein


drains all small of intestine and right half of the large intestine including the secum, ascending colon, transverse colon, and appendix. All parts that drain and are parts of the right large intestine

Superior mesenteric vein


formed by union of splenic vein and the superior mesenteric vein; single unpaired

portal vein


drains the first half of large intestine; rectum, anal canal, descending colon, and sigmoid colon.

inferior mesenteric vein


dorsal venous networks of the hands rarely use______________

deep veins for drainage