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What nerve innervates the muscles of the anterior forearm?

All the muscles are innervated by the median nerve except flexor Carpi ulnaris and the lateral half of flexor digitorum profoundus.


Where do the four superficial muscles of the anterior forearm originate?

The medial epicondyle of the humerus.


What are the names of the four superficial muscles of the anterior forearm?

Pronator teres, flexor Carpi radialis, palmaris longus, flexor Carpi ulnaris.


Pronator teres. State insertion and function

Lateral side of radius, pronation


Where does flexor carpi radialis attach and what is its function?

It attaches to the bases of metacarpals 2 and 3. It flexes and abducts the wrist.


Where does palmaris longus attach?

Apex of palmar aponeurosis and distal half of flexor retinaculum. It flexes hand at the wrist and tenses palmar aponeurosis.


Where does flexor Carpi ulnaris attach? What is its function?

It attaches to pisiform and the base of metacarpal 5. It flexes the wrist and adducts the wrist.


Where are the two origins of flexor digitorum superficialis?

Medial epicondyle of humerus and the oblique line of radius.


To which phalange does flexor digitorum superficialis attach? How does this relate to function?

The middle phalanges, it flexes wrist, metacarpal phalanges, joint and the proximal interphalangeal joint.


Where does flexor digitorum profoundus attach and originate?

It originates at the anterior and medial surface of the ulnar and it attaches to the distal phalanges.


Where will you find flexor pollicis longus?

In the deep layer of the anterior forearm. It originates on the anterior surface of the radius and radial half of the interosseous membrane and then it inserts onto the distal phalanx.


Name a muscle in the distal forearm which pronates.

Pronator Quadratus, it originates on the anterior ulnar surface and anterior radial surface.


What arteries are found in the anterior forearm?

The brachial artery splits after the cubital fossa into the radial and ulnar arteries. The common interosseous artery is a branch off the ulnar artery.