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What sensory region does the axillary nerve innervate?

Test for damage at regimental badge area. Innervated inferior region of deltoid


What sensory region does the median nerve innervate?

Lateral part of the palm and lateral 3.5 fingers on anterior surface of hand


What sensory region does the radial nerve innervate?

Posterior of arm and forearm and lateral posterior aspect of hand


What sensory region does the ulnar nerve innervate?

Anterior and posterior of medial 1.5 fingers and also the palm area.


What is Eb's Palsy?

This is damage to C5/6 caused by an increased angle of neck and shoulder. Loss of sensation down front of the arm and waiters tip deformity.


What is Klumpke's Palsy?

This is caused by over abduction of the arm and leads to damage to T1. This causes paralysis of small muscles of the hand and also sensory loss to the medial side of the arm.


What does damage to the long thoracic nerve cause?

This leads to paralysis of serratus anterior and causes the scapula to protrude when pushing against a wall. (Winging of the scapula)


What is the biggest clinical concern with humerus fracture?

Axillary nerve damage - this can potentially lead to paralysis of deltoid.


Where can median nerve damage occur?

Either at the elbow or wrist. This leads to loss of thumb movements.


What is typically seen in radial nerve damage?

Dropped wrist due to paralysis of wrist extensors.


What sensory region does the Musculocutaneous nerve innervate?

The lateral half of anterior forearm and smaller lateral part of posterior forearm