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Name the two heads of biceps brachii and their insertions.

Long head - inserts into the supraglenoid fossa after passing through the intertrubecular groove.
Short head - inserts onto the coracoid process.


What is the distal attachment of biceps brachii?

Bicipital aponeurosis. Then onto the radial tuberosity and fascia of the forearm. This is a triangular membranous band across the cubital fossa which merges with deep fascia.


What is the function of biceps brachii?

It supinates the arm and in supination it flexes the arm and forearm.


Name the three muscles of the anterior arm.

Biceps brachii, brachialis and coracobrachialis.


What is the function of brachialis? State its origins and insertion

Flexion at the forearm. It originates at the distal half of the anterior humeral surface and inserts onto the tuberosity of ulna and Coronoid process.


State the three functions of coracobrachialis.

Resists shoulder dislocation, Adduction of the arm and flexion of the arm.


What are the attachment and insertions of coracobrachialis?

Middle 1/3 of the medial humeral surface. It attaches to the coracoid process.


In what compartment is the triceps brachii found?

The posterior arm.


Name a muscle in the arm innervated by the radial nerve

Triceps brachii


What is the common attachment of all heads of triceps brachii?

Attaches to the olecranon and also to fascia of forearm.


Which head of triceps brachii attaches inferior to the radial groove?

Medial head


Where does the lateral head of triceps brachii attach?

Superior of the radial groove.


What muscle of the arm inserts into the infra glenoid tubercle of scapula?

Long head of triceps brachii.


Where does the axillary artery become the brachial artery?

At the inferior border of teres minor


What veins are found in the arm?

The basilic vein travels up the medial side, the cephalic vein travels up the lateral side and the median cubital vein crosses over the top of the cubital fossa and attaches both.


What is the profunda brachii artery?

This is a branch of the brachial artery which wraps around the back of the humerus.


What are the boundaries of the cubital fossa?

Superiorly - imaginary line between the two epicondyle X
Medially - lateral border of pronator teres
Laterally - medial border of Brachioradialis


What structures form the floor of the cubital fossa?

Supinator and brachialis


Name the contents of the cubital fossa from lateral to medial.

Radial nerve, biceps tendon, brachial artery, median nerve.


What happens to the radial nerve in the cubital fossa?

It divides into deep and superficial branches.


What is cubital tunnel syndrome?

Compression of the ulnar nerve at the elbow.


What muscle innervated the anterior compartment of the arm and what is its nerve roots?

Musculocutaneous. C5,6,7.