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What type of joint is the hip joint?

It is a ball and socket synovial joint.


What is the hip bone made up from?

The ischium, ilium and pubis. There is triradiate cartilage which calcifies at about 20 years of age.


What is the name of the socket of the joint and what structure deepens this?

Acetabulum, acetabulum labrum.


What strengthens the inferior portion of the acetabular labrum where the notch occurs?

The transverse acetabular ligament.


What is the blood supply to the head of femur?

There is a small amount of blood supply through the ligament of head of femur which supplied the head but is not sufficient in neck of femur fracture.


Which of the ligaments of the hip joint is the weakest? What is its role?

Ischiofemoral. Limits hip extension.


What is the function of the pubofemoral ligament?

This is positioned anteriorly and inferiorly and prevents over abduction.


What ligament protects the hip superior,y and anteriorly and prevents hyperextension?

Iliofemoral ligament which is the strongest ligament in the body.


Where does the hip joint capsule attach?

The intertrochanteric line anteriorly. Posterio-laterally the neck of femur is extracapsular.


What nerves supply the hip joint?

Femoral (anteriorly), obturator (inferiorly), superior gluteal (superiorly), nerve to Quadratus femoris (posteriorly)


What is the blood supply to the hip joint?

This is supplied by the deep femoral artery, which gives rise to both medial and lateral circumflex arteries. The medial has a higher role in blood supply to the hip joint.


When can hip dysplasia occur?

This can occur when there is a problem with the acetabulum or head of femur, or when there is weakness of the surrounding joint capsule.


What is it called when there is fracture through the growth plate of the femur?

Slipped upper femoral epiphysis.


What nerve is at risk in hip dislocations?

The sciatic nerve


How will a dislocated hip present?

There will be a shortened limb, and then this will be rotated Medially.


What is the risk from a femoral neck fracture?

Avascular necrosis because the blood supply through the ligament of head of femur is not sufficient.


Describe a trochanteric fracture?

This is an extracapsular fracture and so there is much lower risk of osteonecrosis.


What three movements describe the position that a fractured hip will sit in?

Externally rotated, abducted and shortened.


Name the bursa which is found between the greater trochanter and gluteus Maximus.

Trochanteric bursa.


Name the bursa which can become inflamed from sitting, horse riding or cycling.

The ischiogluteal bursa.


If the illiopsoas bursa becomes inflamed, where will swelling present?

Below the inguinal ligament.