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What is the most superficial gluteal muscle?

Gluteus Maximus


What is the nerve innervation of gluteus maximus?

Inferior gluteal nerve (L5-S2)


Where does gluteus Maximus insert into?

The iliotibial tract is where most fibres insert. Other fibres insert directly onto the gluteal tuberosity.


Name two movements of the hip which gluteus Maximus facilitates.

Lateral rotation and extension.


Where does gluteus Maximus originate from?

Posterior to the posterior gluteal line in the ilium, and to the dorsal surface of the sacrum and coccyx.


What two muscles are responsible for stabilising pelvis in walking?

Gluteus medius and minimus.


Where do gluteus minimus and medius both originate from?

The external surface of the ilium, between the anterior and posterior gluteal lines.


Where does gluteus medius attach?

Lateral surface of greater trochanter


Where does gluteus minimus attach?

Anterior surface of greater trochanter.


What nerve innervates gluteus medius and minimus?

Superior gluteal nerve (L5,S1)


Where does tensor fascia latae originate?

The anterior, superior iliac spine and the anterior iliac crest.


What movements can tensor fascia latae assist with?

Abduction and medial rotation of the thigh.


Name the deep gluteal muscles

Piriformis, obturator internus, superior and inferior gemelli and Quadratus femoris


What is the innervation, origin and insertion of piriformis?

It is innervated by the anterior rami of S1,S2. It originates from the anterior surface of the sacrum and attaches to the superior border of the greater trochanter.


What muscles in the gluteal region are innervated by the nerve to obturator internus and the nerve to Quadratus femoris

Nerve to obturator internus: obturator internus and superior gemelli.
Nerve to Quadratus femoris: Quadratus femoris and inferior gemelli.


What gluteal muscles attach onto the medial surface of the greater trochanter?

Superior and inferior gemelli and obturator internus.


State the origins and insertions of Quadratus femoris.

Ischial tuberosity and the quadrate tubercle on the intertrochanteric crest.


What is the function of the deep gluteal muscles?

Lateral rotation at the hip. Also abduction of the flexed thigh (except Quadratus femoris)


Describe the path of the sciatic nerve to the popliteal fossa

The sciatic nerve emerges inferior to piriformis and then runs deep to the long head of biceps femoris before reaching the popliteal fossa where is branches into the tibial and the common peroneal nerve.


Where do we carry out IM injections in the gluteus?

The dorsogluteal site is common, as it is the upper quadrant of the upper quadrant of the gluteal, however the ventrodorsal site is safer and less predisposed to nerve injuries.


What is the role of the iliotibial band at the knee?

It stabilises the knee when it is either extended or in partial flexion.