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Name The muscles responsible for the hinge movement of the elbow joint.

Brachioradialis, biceps brachii and triceps brachii.


What two structures strengthen the elbow joint?

The ulna and radial collateral ligaments.


What joints are involved in the capsule of the elbow joint?

The capsule also includes the proximal radio ulnar joint as well as the elbow joint.


Describe the structure of the ulna collateral ligament at the elbow

It is made up from three bands, anterior, posterior and oblique.


What is the function of the oblique band of the ulna collateral ligament at the elbow joint?

It depends the socket which the trochlea sits inside.


What is the name of the ligament which forms a ring around the radial head?

Annular ligament.


Name the fanlike ligament at the elbow joint which blends with the annular ligament

Radial collateral ligament.


What problem can occur with bursa at the elbow?

Frictions from leaning on table etc can lead to inflammation and a condition which is sometimes called 'students elbow'


Name the two bursa in the elbow which can cause problems in the elbow joint.

Subcutaneous and subtendinous olecranon bursa.


State the blood supply to the elbow joint.

The elbow joint is supplied by recurrent branches of both the ulnar, radial and interosseous arteries.


Where in the blow joint are the nerves found?

The radial runs anterior to the lateral epicondyle and the ulnar runs posterior to the medial epicondyle


In what direction is elbow dislocation commonly in?

This is normally posterior, making us concerned about the brachial artery, median nerve and ulnar nerve.