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What is the femoral artery a continuation of? describe the course of arteries before the femoral artery

external iliac artery (terminal branch of abdominal aorta)
abdominal aorta --> right common iliac --> external iliac --> femoral artery


When does the external iliac artery becomes the femoral artery?

when it crosses under the inguinal ligament and enters the femoral triangle


Which artery arises in the femoral triangle?

profunda femoris artery (branch of femoral artery)
arise at the posterolateral aspect of the femoral artery


What are the 3 branches that the profunda femoris artery gives off?

1. medial circumflex femoral artery
2. lateral circumflex femoral artery
3. perforating branches


Which branch does the lateral circumflex femoral artery give off?

descending branch


Describe the perforating branches of profunda femoris artery

3/4 arteries that perforate the adductor magnus, contributing to the supply of the muscles in the medial and posterior thigh


Describe the lateral femoral circumflex artery branching off the profunda femoris artery

wraps around the anterior, lateral side of the femur
supplying muscles in the lateral thigh


Describe the medial circumflex femoral artery of the profunda femoris artery
what is the clinical significance of this artery?

wraps around the posterior side of the femur, supplying the neck & head of femur
in a fracture of neck of femur, this artery can easily be damaged - avascular necrosis of the femur head


What happens after the femoral artery exits the femoral triangle?

the femoral artery continues down the anterior side of the thigh via adductor canal
during this descend, the artery supplies the anterior thigh muscles


Where does the adductor canal end?

at an opening in the adductor magnus - adductor hiatus
the femoral artery moves through this opening


What happens when the femoral artery moves through the opening of the adductor hiatus? what is the artery now called?

the femoral artery enters the posterior compartment of the thigh (proximal to the knee)
now known as popliteal artery


Clinical: accessing the femoral artery
where is the femoral artery located within the femoral triangle?
which processes require access to the femoral artery?

femoral artery located superficially within the femoral triangle
used for coronary angiography & draw blood for arterial blood gases


How is a coronary angiography carried out?
what is it used for?

femoral artery catheterised with a long, thin tube
tube navigated up the external iliac artery --> common iliac artery --> abdominal aorta --> coronary vessels
radioactive dye is then injected into the coronary vessels & any wall thickening / blockage can be visualised using x-ray


Which artery is the main artery of the lower limb?

femoral artery