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Where is the adductor canal located?

extends from apex of femoral triangle to adductor hiatus of adductor magnus


What is the purpose of the adductor canal?

serve as a passageway from structures moving between the anterior thigh and posterior leg


What is the adductor hiatus?

a gap between the adductor magnus and femur allowing passage of femoral vessels from the anterior thigh to posterior thigh and then popliteal fossa (back of knee)


What are the borders of the adductor canal?

anterior: sartorius
lateral: vastus medialis
posterior: adductor longus & adductor magnus


What is the apex of the adductor canal marked by?

adductor hiatus


How do you identify the adductor hiatus?

as a gap between the adductor and hamstring attachments of the adductor magnus


What are the contents of the adductor canal?

femoral artery, femoral vein, nerve to vastus medialus & saphenous nerve (largest cutaneous branch of the femoral nerve)


What happens as the femoral artery and vein exit the adductor canal?

become the popliteal artery and vein


adductor canal block

local anaesthetic is administered in the adductor canal to block the saphenous nerve in isolation


What is the adductor canal (Hunter's canal)?

a narrow conical tunnel in the thigh - 15cm long