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What are the borders of the femoral canal?

medial border: lacunar ligament (joins inguinal and pectineal ligament)
lateral border: femoral vein
anterior border: inguinal ligament
posterior border: pectineal ligament, superior rami of pubis & pectineus muscle
superior border: femoral ring (femoral septum CT)


What is contained within the femoral triangle, sheath and canal?

triangle: NAVEL
sheath: artery, nerve, vein
canal: lymph


What is the opening to the femoral canal and where is it?

superior border - femoral ring
closed by CT layer - femoral septum


What pieces through the femoral septum?

femoral septum (CT layer) - encloses femoral ring
pieced by the lymphatic vessels exiting the canal


What are the contents of the femoral canal?

lymphatic vessels: draining deep inguinal lymph nodes
deep lymph node: lacunar node
empty space
Loose CT


Why is there an empty space within the femoral canal?

to allow veins to distend to cope with increased venous return & increased abdominal pressure


Clinical: femoral hernia

bowel protrudes out of the femoral ring
presents as a lump inferolaterally to the pubic tubercle


Which gender is femoral hernia more common in an why?

women due to their wider bony pelvis


What's a strangulated hernia and how can it occur?

tough borders of femoral canal, so can compress hernia (as not very distensible)
causing hernia's blood supply to be compromised


What is a hernia?

an internal part of body pushes though weakness in muscle or surrounding tissue wall


What is the femoral canal?

an anatomical compartment
smallest & most medial part of femoral sheath - about 1.3cm