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Body Condition Scoring

A useful management tool for distinguishing differences in nutritional needs of animals


How does Body Condition Scoring work?

-System uses a numeric score to estimate body energy reserves
-Scores are indicators of nutritional status
-Numbers used to estimate energy reserves in the form of fat and muscle (1=thin, 9=obese)
-Areas used to determine BCS are the back, tail head, pins, hooks, ribs, and brisket


BCS 1: Emaciated

Bone structure of shoulders, ribs, back, hooks and pins are sharp to touch and easily visible, little fat deposits or muscles


BCS 2: Very Thin

Little evidence of fat deposits, some muscling in hindquarters. Spinous processes feel sharp and are easily seen with space between them


BCS 3: Thin

Fat beginning to cover loin, back, and foreribs. Backbone still highly visible, spinous processes can be identified by touch and still might be seen. Spaces between processes are less pronounced


BCS 4: Borderline

Foreribs not noticeable, Transverse spinal processes can be identified only by palpation to feel rounded than sharp. Full muscling in hindquarters


BCS 5: Moderate (Ideal)

12th and 13th ribs not visible to the eye. Transverse spinal processes and spaces between are not noticeable to the eye and can be identified only with firm pressure


BCS 6: Good

Ribs more than covered, not noticeable to eye. Hindquarters plump and full. Noticeable sponginess to covering of foreribs and each side of tailhead.


BCS 7: Very Good

End of spinal processes can only be felt with firm pressure, spaces between can be barley distinguished. Abundant fat cover on either side of tailhead.


BCS 8: Fat

Has smooth, blocky appearance; bone structure disappearing forn sight. Fat cover is thick and spongy disappearing from sight.


BCS 9: Very Fat

Bone structure not easily seen or felt. Tailhead buried in fat. Mobility may be impaired by excess fat