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How did Britain prepare?

-sends more troops
-King George III decided to fight
-colonies - rebellion


What did Thomas Gage do?

-he was sent by King to take away weapons of mass militia & arrest their leaders
-figured guns and ammunition were being stored at Concord (a town 20 miles NW of Boston)
-ordered 700 redcoats to march to concord, seize & destroy all ammo


What did Paul Revere do?

-alerted by Dr. Warren
-In Sons of Liberty
-rode to Lexington to warn Sam Adams & John Hancock
-Went w/ William Dawes
-Silversmith / Dentist


Lexington & Concord

-British arrived at Lexington
-70 minutemen waiting
-Led by Capt John Parker
-shot fired-battle began
-8 minutemen killed & British resumed their march
-ammo had been emptied by the time Brits go there
-word spread
farmers, blacksmths, doctors and clerks took up arms & hid
-as Brits marched back, militia fired & when Brits arrived - last 73 men & 174 wounded


How many districts and colonies were in rebellion against the King?

13 colonies
13 districts
all against the King and capitol


Who was Benedict Arnold & What did he do?

-Capt Benedict joined w/Ethan Allen's Green Mt. Boys & captured Ft. Ticonderoga
-Ft. had tons of military supplies
-Major victory
-Sold military info to Britain
-Almost gave up west point - discovered
-fled to NYC & started commanding British troops


What does Cry for Help mean?

-volunteens showed up to help colonial militia
-many came


What is Bunker Hill

-on June 16th, 1776, 1,200 militia set up fortifications @ Bunker and breed hills across from Boston Harbor
-redcoats assembled bayonets & charged up hill
-militia was low on ammo=when militia opened fire, forced British to retreat
-on last charge - militia ran out of ammo-retreat
-british won but lost over 1,000 dead or wounded


What are Loyalists

-people who stayed loyal to Britian


What did the Patriots think?

-wanted Brits out, independence wanted


What happened then?

-neighbor against neighbor
-family against family


What does Continental Congress mean?

-many delegates who attended the first congress were sent back for the second congress


Who was Ben Franklin?

-printer & inventor
-on $100 bill
-helped repeal the stamp act


Who is John Hancock?

-wealthy merchant
-funded Sons of Liberty
-elected President of 2nd continental congress
-signed his name big so King could read it without glasses


Who was Thomas Jefferson?

-great thinker and writer
-from Virginia - Virginia legislative body
-author of DOI
-took him 17 days


What does the 2nd Continental Congress govern?

1) printed money
2) set up post office
3) committees w/authority to communicate w/Native Americans & other countries
4) created Continental Army - led by GW
5) the Olive BranchPetition
6) DOI


What is the Olive Branch Petition?

-a formal request presented to King George III
- It assured him of the colonist' desires for peace & ased him to protect rights
-King refused & hired 30,000 Prussian troops to fight w/redcoats


What happened after the Olive Branch Petition?

The Army takes offense
-Britain's soldiers stationed in Canada
-our troops took Ft. Ticonderoga
-from June 1775-March 1776 Washington trained up militia into soldiers
-GW positioned his troops in a semi-circle around Boston & unleashed canon fire n Britain nearby
-Brits retreated & victory for colonists


What does Towards Independence mean?

-Jan of 1776 Thomas Paine published a pamphlet called Common Sense
-Greatly influenced mindset of Americans


Drafting of the DOI

-Jefferson selected to write it
-Drew on the Ideas of John Lcke
-Locke believed that people were born w/certain natural rights, like life, liberty & prosperty
-believed that people should form gov. to protect rights
-believed if a government threatened those rights they should be overthrown


The Vote

-on July 2, 1776 Independence
-DOI signed on July 4 1776
-copies went out across country
Tally: Yes: 12


The Declaration

-Preable-explains why congress wrote doc


Preamble Intro

****Natural rights-lists all rights of the citizens and all people
****List of grievences-lists complaints of colonists against England
****Resolution-declares freedom w/full power to declare war, make alliances and trade with other colonies