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What did William and Mary sign

They signed the English Bill of Rights guaranteeing certain basic rights to all colonists


What did England had to do to make more money

They had to export were good send it imported


What did the navigation acts do

They directed the trade between England in the colonies


What did the Magna Carta establish

The principle of limited government


What do colonists in charter colonies do

They elect are governors and members of the legislature


What do proprietary colonies do

The members of the upper house of the legislator were appointed by the proprietors but the lower was appointed by the colonists


Under colonial legislator who cannot boat

Most women indentured servant landless poor and African Americans


In colonial society must man where what

The formal heads of the household to represented the family in the community


What was the glorious Revolution

In English Civil War where they executed the King and restored is sung to the throne


James the second tried to what

He tried to retake power but Parliament kicked him out and gave the crown to his daughter Mary and married William and they send English bill of rights


What is Englands view of the colonies

The North American colonies were viewed as economic resources


What happened after colonists harvested raw materials

They were sold to England and England manufacture and sold the good back


What was the navigation acts

Only English ships to ship goods colonists could not sell certain goods such as sugar and tobacco to other countries


What government ideals had angling learn that would impact colonies formation of government

Limited power to the monarchs elections trial by jury and Magna Carta


What are some examples of charter colonies

Connecticut and Rhode Island


What were charter colonies

The people were given a charter and could elect their own legislator in government crown approved of governor but Govenor didn't have veto power


What are some examples of proprietary colonies

Delaware Maryland Pennsylvania


What was a proprietary colony

The colony ruled by proprietors they elected the upper house of the legislator but colonists could elect lower house


What are some examples of royal colonies

Georgia Massachusetts New Hampshire New York North Carolina South Carolina Virginia


What were royal colonies

Crown appointed the governor and upper house and colonists appointed lower house governor and upper house did what crown wanted


Who was allowed to vote

White man who owned property could vote 80 to 90% of white men were involved in the government


What was the great awakening

A religious revival from the 1720s to the 1740s


Who is Jonathan Edwards

From Massachusetts and Puritan background famous for the sermon sinners in the hands of an angry God


Who is George Whitefield

Anglican preacher who to wear to England and the colonies to preach the revival most famous preacher during this time.


What were the effects of the great awakening

New denominations breaking from larger ones
New thinking of the chain of command
churches starting a contract with their people
an idea that ruler should have social contract with their people


What were the men family roles

Head of family and where is represented their family in the community they worked in the fields and built Barns, fences, and practiced other skills


What were woman family roles

They were in the household and care for the children as well as helped in the fields the married woman had little writes the widowers where teachers seamstresses and nurses


What were sons family roles

Worked as indentured servants for local farmers and apprentices for local tradesmen


What was a daughter's family role

Young women could work as maids or cooks women who never married or widows could have business and property but they would be unable to vote


Which colonies had the best education

The new England colonies because they were taught to read Bibles