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What was the French and Indian war

War in North America between France and Britain


Why did France have the upper hand

France had forts in the Great Lakes region and the Ohio River Valley also they had Native Americans as allies


Who fought in the war for the Britain side first

The colonists


Who is Gen. Edward Braddock and what did he do

He was a general for Britain and his mission was to drive the French out of the Ohio River Valley and George Washington was his aid


What was wrong with Braddocks way of marching

Braddock was slow and took a long time and lined up the red coats and Marched in rows even though Washington disagreed


What was the result of Braddock ignored Washington

They were ambushed by the French and the Indians
1000 British were killed including Braddock
Washington lead the survivors back to Virginia


What was the seven years war

A war against France in Europe


Who sided with Britain

The Prussians


Who was William Pitt

He was a friend of William Wilberforce
he was elected prime minister
he decided Britain would pay for the cost of war
he ran up a huge debt


What happened after Pitt was no longer in power

The taxes were raised on the colonists


After pitt took fort Duquesne what was it renamed

Fort Pitt


Where was Quebec and why was it a secure location

It was one of the French is forts in Canada


How did the British attack

They spotted a poorly guarded path and they attacked at night and beat the French


What was the treaty of Paris

A treaty between Britain and France thus forth ending the war


What did Great Britain gain from the treaty of Paris

They get Florida from Spain and they get land east of the Mississippi


What did Spain gain from the treaty of Paris

They got land west of the Mississippi and get the Louisiana territory and New Orleans


What did Canada gain from the Treaty of Paris

Most of France's land in the north


What was Pontiacs war

The war between Indians and the colonists


What happened after they lost

They lost their trading partner
Britain charge higher prices
British settlers moved onto their land for no pay


Who was Pontiac

Ottawa chief who tried to unite Native Americans against the British


What did they do

They captured a couple forts and killed settlers and and Virginia front tier


What was the end result

British defeated Pontiac and signed peace treaty


Proclamation of 1763

Britain called a halt to colonial expansion which meant no more fighting the Appalachian Mountains became a temporary boundary for the Western colonies


This made who angry

Speculators who already bought land west but they couldn't sell it


Who are speculators



What are some effects of the French and Indian war

France lost power in North America
Britain and Spain gain more power
Native Americans suffered new deals with Britain
Pontiac's war
Britain in debt and taxes raised on the colonists