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what is a constitution?

plan of government.


what kind of legislature did most states establish

a two-house, or bicameral legislature


what did each state do and what were they afraid of

they made their own constitution, but they were hesitant to give too much power to one person, so they had provisions to limit the power of their governors


who voted for the legislature and how

whites, sometimes free african amricans
the legislature was chosen frequently from popular votes


what is a republic?

a government where citizens rule through elected officials


what were the "terms" of the national government?

could only be used in war or relations with other countries
went with the Articles of Confederation
first constitution
each state had freedom, independance, and soverignty
congress could borrow $ from states or other countries


what was their weaknesses

no provision for trade, taxes, or the draft
no chief executive
everything worked through continental committees
each state had 1 vote, regardless of population


why did the confederation government fail

not strong enough to del with issues
no laws could be passed unless 9out of 13approved
any change required all 13 approval
gained independence and foreign trade


what were the new land policies?

articles had no provision for adding states so Congress divided them into self-governing districts


what was the Ordinance of 1785

this divided the massive territory into townships and then townships were divided into smaller sections and sold @ an auction


what was the North West Ordinance

freedom of religion
trial by jury
No slavery or involuntary servitude
emphasis on schooling
new states had the same rights as old states
first attempt to stop slavery


what does depreciated mean

fell in value


Congress and states printed their own money but no ____ or ____ to back it

No gold or silver to back it


Country was in debt to _______ & other ________

Citizens and other countries


Who formed the department of finance?

Robert Morris, a merchant


Robert Morris proposed a ______% tax on imported goods to help pay off debt

5% tax


Required a change....12 agreed but what state disagreed?

Rhode Island


__________ troops were still in the Great Lakes region

British troops


What were the british problems during this time?

-troops were still in the great lakes region
-they were keeping our merchants away from good trading markets
-John Adams met w/King George III
-He accused America or no upholding their end of the deal
-Congress needed to pay Loyalists back


What were the Spanish problems during this time?

-Wanted America to stop expanding West
-Closed lower portion f Mississippi to Americans
-Solution could not be found


-What is Shay's Rebellion

-Farmers suffering-land sized and put in jail
-Shays united them and led a rebellion
-Mitia? fired and 4 were killed and the rest scattered


What was going on with Slavery during this time?

-11 states outlawed or heavily taxed the importation of slaves
-SC and Georgia did nothing
-NE states passed laws that gradually ended slavery
-Still discrimination: -barred from public places, separate schools, few states gave them the right to vote, separate churches


What is Manumission?

the freeing of individual slaves
Virginia passed a law


What was the constitutional convention?

-lots of arguing about AOC
-Alexander Hamilton and James Madison were 2 leaders for the changes
-55 delegates met from May to Fall
-James Madison made a basic outline of our modern day constitution
-Called "the father of our constitution"


What was the Virginia Plan?

-created by Madison & Edmund Randolph
-2 house legislature (lower hse-voted by people, Upper hse-voted by lower hse, # of reps would be proportional to populations)
-a chief executive (chosen by legislature)
-a court system
-this plan throws out Articles


What was the New Jersey Plan?

-created by William Patterson
-1 house legislature
-each state gets 1 vote
-congress could now set taxes and trade
-it elects a weak executive branch made up of many
-this plan amends the Articles


What was the Great Compromise?

-a 2 house legislature-congress
-w/house of representatives based on population 2 per state
-directly elect house of res
-AKA Connecticut plan


What was the Slave Compromise?

-South: yes
Every 5 slaves = 3 free men (3/5 compromise)


Slave compromises

Banning slave trade?
No south delayed it until 1808


Describe the Bill of Rights

-proposed by George Mason
-proposal was defeated (refused to sign it)
-Delegate signed new constitution & sent out to the states for voting
-9/13 needed to approve for it to pass