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Wht is sectionalism

an exaggerated loyalty to a particular region of the country


What did the northerners want regarding slavery

wanted to ban it


what did the southerners want regarding to slavery?

they were opposed to anti slavery efforts


What did the senate suggest?

-missouri join as a slave state
-maine as a free state
-applied at the same time


What did the senate propose during the Louisiana purchase?

banning slavery in the rest of the Louisiana purchase North of 36 degrees 30 N lattude


What did Henry Clay do?

guided bill through house of representatives


What happened to the bill in the senate/

it passed by a close vote in 820


What happened to Maine and Missouri?

Maine joined the union and in 1821 Missouri became a state


What did the Missouri Compromise preserve?

it preserved the balance between slave and free states in the senate. It brought a temporary lull in debate over slavery.


What is the fugative slave act?

a pair of federal laws that allowed the capture of fugitive slaves


Did the fugitive slave act give an advantage to the north or the south?

advantage to the south
allowed officials to capture slaves


after the fugitive slave act what happened if a slave was captured?

they were fined.


What happened if you helped a slave after the fugitive slave act

you would be fined


What happened to free slaves after the fugitive slave act?

thy were put into slavery because they couldn't prove that they were free.


What is the Resolution of compromise of 1850?

-divided N and S
-North-forced to return slaves to south


what is the dred scott case?

-AA slave bought by army doctor in Missouri
-moved to North
-moved to Missouri
-doctor died
-Dred Scott sued for his slavery
-supreme court couldn't rule
-constitution - slave holders deprived of property
-DS was a slave again
-MC ruled unconstitutional
-led to Fugutive Slave Act


What is the Lincoln Douglas debate?

-a series of 7 debates between Lincoln & Douglas
-Main discussion point was slavery, was not the only discussion point
-Douglas won
-both disliked slavery
-DS case was a little issue
-Lincoln gained popularity
-congressional debat


What is Bleeding Kansas?

franklin Pierce enforcing FSA


What did Douglas want?

He wanted to let settlers decide on slavery instead of MC


Antislavery people divided into 2 separate groups

-civil war in kansas (attacked civliarns)
-2 govs - 2 constititions
Presto brooks - hit sevener inhead


in Kansas there were pro and anti slavery

-pop sovereignty-letting people decide instead of government


Election of 160

-came down to Douglas and Lincoln
-democrats lost
-Lincoln won
-got 40% of popular vote
-south upset - against Lincoln


What did John Brown do?

led an attack on Harper's Ferry, Virginia


Who was an abolitionist who led an attack on Harper's Ferry, VA

John Brown


What did John Brown want to accomplish by leading the attack on Harper's Ferry, VA

he wanted to attack a weapons storehouse to let slaves overthrow their masters


Who captured John Brown

Robert E Lee


What happened after Robert E Lee captured John Brown

John Brown was hanged for treason


How many men did John Brown have on his side when he attacked Harper's Ferry, vA

45 men vs 88 marines
-had been involved in other raids


What is the Missouri Compromise?

-missouri was a slave state who wanted to become an official state
-upset balance if it became a state