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A crowd of american soldiers and civilians marched to a park and did what?

toppled a statue to melt into musket balls


both sides believed the war would be short

what did the British believe?
what did the patriots believe?

the British thought they could squash it

the patriots thought the british would give up after losing battles


_____ in ______ americans were loyalists

1 in 3


what is another name for loyalists?



the loyalists were strongest in what states?

the carolinas and georgia


the loyalists stayed loyal because

-they were anglicans
-jobs depended on it
-feared chaos of creating new government
some didn't understand big deal


advantages of america

-they know the land
-allies w/ Britain's enemies
-george Washington
-fought for freedom and protection of homes and loved ones


disadvantages of america

-no regular army
-no navy
-no experience
-volunteer soldiers - temp
-2.5 mill population
-not everyone was for the war


Britain's advantages

-largest navy in world
-experienced and well trained
-wealth from trade
-8 mil people


Britain's disadvantages

-hired soldiers-no motive


What did the AA fight for?

-British offered AA their freedom if they fought w/ the British
-some fought for Patriots
-in Washington's army, they fought w/ their white slave owners



13 states still thinking individually
-most signed up for a year
-difficult to raise money, supplies, troops


Women in the field

-Molly Pitcher carried water pitchers to soldiers during battle and helped fight
-some went w/ their husbands
-some disguised themselves as boys and enlisted
-some were used as spies (ex. Lydia Darrah)
-evesdropped,, wrote codes, helped GW prepare for a surprise attack


Who was General William Howe?

british commander - brought 32,000 troops to squash rebellion


Who was Nathan Hale?

a school teacher turned spy for the patriots
discovered hanged by british


What was winter trouble?

-americans held british off but had not had a great victory
-winter of 1776-1777, supplies were low and many soldiers returned home
-GW pleaded w/ congress for more troops & supplies


Surprise Attack

-british camped in NY & NJ for winter
-GW were in PA across the Delaware river
-on Christmas night, he rowed over w/ troops
-surprised british at trenton
-avoided british reinforcements and captured Princeton


What was Britain's plan?

-take Albany, NY & Hudson river
-separate NE colonies
-Howe captured Philadelphia
-CC had to flee
-stayed for winter


What was the patriots reaction?

-armies headed for Albany were slowed by patriot groups
-patriots fought, downed trees and cut off british supplies
-stopped Britain fro taking Albany in 1777
-british officer & army surrounded by patriot forces
-general howe resigned from failure and replaced by general clinton


When the war continued, what did France do?

-secretly gave money to Amrica
-after the Battle of Saratoga, they opened allies themselves
-they soon sent money, supplies & troops


When the war continued, what did Spain do?

-declared war on England
-wanted to hurt england
-Louisiana gov, Bernardo de Galvez raised an army to kick out the british


Valley forge?

-France's allegiance didn't get to the troops til spring
-during the winter Britain stayed in phillidelphia
-Washington set up camp 20 miles west
-troops endured a horrible winter
-lacked good food, clothing, shelter and medicine
-2,500 men out of 10,000 died from disease & exposure
-troops were barefoot
-food was scarce-many ate firecakes
-men built huts and tents & women tried to knit clothing for them



-many deserted w/o asking permission
-men & officers left
-received little money or supplies & army shrinking by deaths & desertion
-his character & determination allowed army to go on
-learned of french allegiance in spring & worshipped & celebrated


Who was the Marquis de Lafayette?

-read declaration and came to help
-became washingotn's aide and friend


Who was Frederick von Steuber?

-from Prussia
-trained the continental army
wrote first military manual of arms
-valley forge became turning point
-became trained soldiers under his lead


In addition to Frederick von Steuber, who else helped?

-foreigners joined the fight
-believed in patriot's cause
-Jaan de Mralles was rep of spain
-convinced many to fin America


Why did money become a problem?

-no taxes
-printed more paper money


What is inflation?

more money means that the money is worth less & people need a lot more to buy stuff


Who was Judith Sergeant Murray?

-she wrote an essay on eduction for women
-men & women are equal


Who was Abigail Adams?

argued for women's rights i general through her husband