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How do you think the colonists felt about the Proclamation of 1763?



What were the advantages of the Proclamation of 1763?

-control westward movement and avoid conflicts with north america
-keeping colonists close
-Britain could control fur trade
-Britain sent 0000 troops to colonies to protect these interests



Britain needed help supporting the new troops in the colonists to pay off the debt of the FAIW (140 million pounds)
-new taxes & enforced taxes
-writs of assistance
-prime minister-smuggling wrong
-smugglers-innocent-american juries
-custom officers -any location-smuggled goods


How were the trials conducted?

they were also now conducted by naval courts w/o juries


What did the Sugar act do?

-lowered tax on molases
-prime minister hoped to encourage colonists to pay tax instead of smuggling
-smuggled goods could be seized w/o going to court


What is the stamp act?

-tax placed on all printed material including newspapers, wills & playing cards


How did opposition feel about the sugar act and stamp act?

-parliament interfered into colonial affairs by taxing them directly
-parliament was taxing them without their consent


What protest did Patrick Henry lead

-persuaded the House of Burgesses to take action
-Virginia passed a resolution that only they could lay taxes on their citizens


What protest did Samuel Adams lead

-started the Sons of Liberty (an organization of protest)
-citizens also rose up burning effigies that represented the tax collectors


What are effigies?

rag figures


What happened when the colonists protested?

-delegates from 9 colonies met in NY in the Stamp Act Congress
-they petitioned the King saying that colonists could only be taxed by their own governments
-citizens boycotted British and European goods (thousands of merchants pledged not to buy any goods from Britain)
-British merchants lost so much business that they begged Parliament to repeal the Stamp Act
-Parliament did
-Passed Declaratory Act (Britain had the right to tax and make decisions for the Colonies "in all cases")
-The Townsend Acts (Parliament passed external taxes on imported goods)
-merchants had to pay taxes on goods on glass, paper and tea
-Daughters of Liberty created homemade dresses & clothing
-more manufacturing in America


What does repeal mean?

to cancel


what does boycotted mean?

to refuse to buy


What is the Writs of Assistance?

Officers enter any location to search for smuggled goods


What is the Sugar Act?

lowered a tax on molasses to encourage
paying tax


what is the stamp act?

tax on all printed materials


what is the townshed acts

tax on all imported goods


why did the colonists oppose the stamp act?

taxing without consent and direct trade


how do colonists protest?

-burning effigies


What happened when Britain got nervous?

-protests made British officials nervous
-redcoats were sent to Boston
-colonists saw this as infringement on right
-taxed w/o consent
-British troops were controlling the cities


What were the redcoats like?

-poor, stole goods
-took second jobs which created competition for work for colonists


What do you know about the Boston Massacre?

-colonial leaders used the killings as propaganda
-Sam Adams called the event a massacre


How did the colonists rebel after the Boston massacre?

-colonists called for another boycott on British goods
-Britain repealed taxes, except for the one on tea
-sam adams revived Boston's committee of correspondence which was used in earlier protests


What was the Boston Tea Party?

-British East India company facing ruin in 1773
-to save company, Parliament passed the Tea Act (this gave the company a monopoly of trade for tea in America) (a monopoly is sole control)


What is a monopoly?

sole control


What did the Tea Act do?

-basically let the British East India company sell right to shop keepers
-started another boycott
-British ships still tried to deliver the tea
-3 ships docked by government
-the Sons of Liberty dressed as Mohawks and dumped tea in harbor


What are the Intolerable Acts?

-King George III thought he was losing control
-Parliament passed the Coersive Acts which were meant to punish the people of Boston


Intolerable Acts
what happened to Boston Harbor?

-it was closed until the colonists paid for the tea.

BUT, the other colonies sent them food


Intolerable Acts
-what happened to town meetings?

-town meetings were suspended in New England

the colonists rights were trampled, so they were angered


Intolerable acts
What were Bostonians forced to do?

-shelter soldiers in their homes

Rights violated as British citizens