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Why was medels data easy to infer inheritance

because he observed characteristics determined by 

1. a single gene 

2. with 2 distinguished alleles

3. with no known effect from the environment


Why are some inheritances not easy to predict

1. mutiple genes

2. the environment


Example of how the environment can alter phenotype

1. temperature

2. alcohol



a phenotye reflects the activities of more than one gene

eg. male pattern baldness, eye color, height ( polygenic and environmental)


examples of phenotypes that are affected by both environment and are polygenic

1. height

2. skin color

3. body weight

4. intelligence


How can the environment affect a phenotype

Environment can affect a phenotype in a variety of ways.  Temperature can influence gene expression of temperature-sensitive alleles; infectious agents can intensify a genetic disorder; upbringing and nourishment will affect temperament and physical health


What is a polygenic trait?


A polygenic trait is one that is controlled by many genes