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Development depends on the balance of what 2 processes

a balance between cell division and programmed death( apoptosis)


The difference between appoptosis and necrosis

apoptosis : is programmed death resulting from precisely coordinated series of events that dismantle a cell.
Necrosis: sudden traumatic and disorderly accidental death of a cell.


2 main function of apoptosis in animals

1. elimates ecess cells ( carves out functional structures like finger, toes, nostrils and ears)
2. weed out defective aging or defective cells that might harm an organism ( peeling skin that follows a sunburn preventing skin cancer)


Apoptosis in plant cells

plant cells are digested by enzymes by their own vacuoles; when the vocuole bursts the cell dies. Plants also use a form of cell death to kill cells infected by fungi or bacteria, limiting the spread of pathogen.


. What events happen in a cell undergoing apoptosis?

A cell undergoing apoptosis first receives a signal at a membrane protein called a death receptor. The signal triggers the release of enzymes that destroy the cell from within. Eventually, immune system cells engulf the dying cell, degrading or recycling its components.


Describe two functions of apoptosis

Apoptosis carves out excess cells to form a body structure, and it eliminates damaged or aging cells.