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An organism's entire set of DNA



Is all of the protein that DNA expresses



a biochemical that stores the information that each cell needs to produce proteins


What did the Hershey/Chase experiment prove

a bacteriophage( a virus that infects bacteria) has a protein coating with a DNA core. When the virus infects a bacteria cell, it injects its DNA into the bacterium ( The viral DNA directs bacterium to use its own energy and raw materials to manufacture more virus particles, which will then burst from the cell


the "blender experiments"

Radioactive protein and radioactive DNA were both injected into bacteria then blended at high speeds showed that the R/a showed the solution was r/a but the bacteria dan was not. But, the r/a virus dna showed that the bacteriadna was r/a and the solution was not . Supporting that the genetic material was the Dna not the protein shell.