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the development of social and economic relationships stretching worldwide. in current times, we are influenced by organizations and social networks located thousands of miles away


social change

alteration in basic structures of a social group or society. social change is an ever present phenomena in society but has become especially intense in the modern era


information society

a society no longer based primarily on the production of material goods but on the production of knowledge. the information society is closely bound up with the rise of information technology


service society

a concept related to postindustrial society referring to a social order distinguished by the growth of service occupations at the expense of industrial jobs that produce material goods


knowledge society

another common term for information society


postindustrial society

based on the production of information rather than material goods.



the belief that society is no longer governed by history or progress. postmodern society is highly pluralistic and diverse


civil society

the realm of activity that lies between the state and market, including the family, schools, community associations and other noneconomic institutions


external risk

dangers that spring from the natural world and are unrelated to the actions of humans, examples of external risks include drought, earthquakes and storms


manufactured risks

dangers that are created by the impact of human knowledge and technology on the natural world. includes global warming and GMOs