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type I diabetes
-2 things

-insulin dependent diabetes
-loss or inadequate production of insulin
-must take insulin to survive


Type 2 diabetes
-associated with
-insulin levels are low bc of
-insulin levels can also be ___
-why are drugs given
-eventually what happens

-inadequate production
-normal or in excess- cells are unable to respond
-to reduce glucose release from the liver
-insulin production may stop


diabetes insipidus
-what can occur if not treated

-due to the under production of ADH
-large vol of urine - ~10L/day
-dehydration and electrolyte imbalance


endocrine glands: pineal gland
-hormone produced
-regulation (2)

-1. production runs in cycles (high levels at night; low during the day)
2. visual pathways help to regulate the production


-made from
-2 functions

-made from molecules of seratonin
-1. timing of sexual maturation
2. sets circadian rhythms


what does timing of sexual maturation do

regulates release of GnRH