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cold zone

the area adjacent to the warm zone in a hazardous materials emergency. Normal triage, treatment, and stabilization are performed here. Also called support zone.


hazardous material

material that in any quantity poses a threat or unreasonable risk to life, health, or property if not properly controlled during manufacture, processing, packaging, handling, storage, transportation, use, and disposal.


hot zone

the area where contamination is actually present. It generally is the area that is immediately adjacent to the accident site and where contamination can still occur. Also called exclusion zone.


safety zones

areas surrounding an accident involving hazardous materials, designated for specific rescue operations. See also hot zone, warm zone, and cold zone.


warm zone

the area that is established surrounding or immediately adjacent to the hot zone in a hazard materials emergency, the purpose of which is to prevent the oread of contamination. Lifesaving emergency care is performed here. Also called contamination reduction zone.